New apartments are planned for the Majestic Cinema site in Mapperley, but the historic building will remain


Nottingham City Council is considering plans for new apartments on Woodborough Road, after proposals were submitted for a complex of seven three-block apartments surrounding the historic Majestic cinema. The proposed plans emphasize that the cinema, which is a Grade II listed building, will remain as is and that the construction of the apartments will not harm the image or integrity of the historic site.

This follows a campaign by local residents in 2019, who fought to keep the site standing after developers’ initial plans to demolish the building entirely and replace it with apartments. Middlesex-based RAAM Properties Ltd, developers looking to build the one and two-bedroom apartments in Mapperley, see the plans as a way to rejuvenate the area while understanding the site’s local significance.

In their planning documents, they said: “The importance of this building as part of our heritage has been considered throughout the design phase. The proposed new buildings will not compromise its image or its integrity. In fact, the investment will be of significant benefit to the area in general and the listed building accordingly. We believe that the requalification of this wasteland, vacant for a few years and in a dilapidated state, will contribute overall to the conservation of the heritage property for the foreseeable future.

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Local reaction to the new proposals is much more mixed than it was in 2019, in part because of the continued cinema. Paula Cross, 69 and retired, resident of Mapperley, said: ‘I don’t know anything about architecture, but I love old buildings – so I just want this cinema to stay standing.

“I think when they build something really modern next to something like that (cinema), it’s an aberration – it shouldn’t happen. I’m mostly disappointed that the old cinema is no longer in use, I wish someone with some money would buy it and do something with it.

Steph Jimminson, 29, is also a resident of Mapperley, as well as a stay-at-home mum, and she welcomed the new flats, saying: ‘I think it would be great to have more affordable flats there if it’s ‘is possible. With all the minute hikes, people need to have more places to live. I don’t give a damn about cinema, it doesn’t affect me at all.

Meanwhile Anthony John Newman of Mapperley, 77 and retired, was more silent on the plans: “It’s like everywhere, all the pubs are gone, everything is demolished. Go for it. They can build whatever they want. »

The Majestic Cinema closed in 1953 before being taken over by the Haunted Museum and Oddities in 2018, which then moved downtown in 2021.


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