Nelson Quest Launches AgentFire: The Most Scalable Real Estate Website… Ever


AgentFire gives realtors and teams a feature-rich hyperlocal website that can scale with custom design, powerful add-ons, and trusted experts for PPC and CRM!

Nelson Quest started in the real estate website design space almost entirely by accident, and now he’s the CEO of the top rated real estate website platform (FB, Google, G2) + fastest growing in an extremely competitive sector!

After graduating from college, Nelson was tasked with creating a website for a real estate agency he was to start with his father.

The brokerage failed, but the website Nelson created for him sparked interest in him.

Nelson then ventured into becoming a real estate agent and created another real estate website (this time for himself) in the process, where he quickly realized that his real passion was web design.

With his unique knowledge and experience in the real estate business, he then started designing websites for others and quickly discovered a massive need for a real estate website solution that was perfectly tailored to the needs and agent’s individual goals, which led him to create AgentFire in 2013.

By refining his niche and creating systems that worked for him, Nelson grew his business beyond what he could sustain on his own. He began hiring additional employees and outsourcing non-essential tasks to create more time for heavy-duty tasks. By 2021, AgentFire had become the most popular online real estate web solution available.

Fast forward to the present day, and the tremendous growth and success of AgentFire can be attributed to a number of unique strategies implemented by Nelson.

The first are unique and groundbreaking features such as “Neighborhood Guides”, which is the most robust system for creating information-rich, hyperlocal pages for cities and neighborhoods within their customers’ unique markets.

Next are AgentFire’s near-unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction – with over 1,000 5-star reviews and gushing customer reviews and case studies, Nelson attributes this to its unique “review bonus” system through which employees of AgentFire are financially rewarded when customers have an exceptional experience.

Last but not least is AgentFire’s unique ‘stack’ approach, where unlike traditional all-in-one solutions, rather than AgentFire being solely responsible for marketing and CRM, they chose instead of choosing with the best companies in the sector. , to provide their customers with a seamless experience, the best of all worlds, all at a fraction of the cost.

Outside of AgentFire, Nelson has his “Nelson Quest” YouTube channels, available in English and Spanish, which focus on personal development.

There he creates videos from his direct experiences, which encapsulate the many philosophies that have influenced him – ranging from Western philosophers like Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, to ancient Eastern philosophies such as Taoism.

In particular, his Spanish channel “Nelson Quest” has been hugely successful, with over 300,000 subscribers. His English channel only launched a few months ago at the time of this writing, but he will no doubt see success in it while establishing himself more firmly in YouTube’s algorithms.

To learn more about AgentFire, visit

To learn more about Nelson, search “Nelson Quest” on YouTube!

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