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HONG KONG, April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In recent years, the rapid development of new technologies has led to the elimination of many existing careers. At the same time, many new opportunities have presented themselves, including starting an internet-based business, online marketing, and software development, among others. Many entrepreneurs would like to take advantage of rapidly developing technologies and acquire a skill to create more value for themselves and for society.

The Mustache Technology is a programming education company based in hong kong. Since 2015, the company has trained more than 1,100 students in hong konghelping them acquire the skills, develop their mindset and gain the work experience needed in the digital age.

Through training, real-world projects, student exchanges and career coaching, The Mustache Technology offers a one-stop preparation site for newcomers looking to embark on a second career in technology. Courses include comprehensive web development, introductory app development, data science, SEO organic traffic marketing, and more.

The courses are all project oriented. Taking complete web development as an example, the course includes 5 real-life projects including personal websites, business websites, online stores, and hosting platforms. All are real cases, so students can understand and learn the skills step by step.

After learning web design skills, students can create different types of web pages for themselves or for their clients. They can also use cloud services, such as Google Cloud and Linode, to create their own web hosting companies or services.

Beyond the technical aspects, students can also learn what they need to know to run a business, including how to find a job, manage interviews, locate clients, become self-employed, build a portfolio, manage clients and set price.

In 2020, the COVID pandemic broke out. Most in-person class programs had to be halted. Mustache technology immediately shifted its development towards online education. Students learn online and have the flexibility to choose their study schedule according to their needs. Students can also communicate with other students and instructors online and share the skills and knowledge they have acquired.

The transition to online education has led The Mustache Technology to recruit many students from outside hong kongincluding Malaysia, Taiwan, Singaporeand Europe. Its student base has diversified.

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