Midland’s SHK advertising is all about being “seen, heard, known”


Founder and owner of Midland’s SHK Advertising, Jessica Rule, enjoys the variety and challenge of constant change that comes with running an advertising agency.

Rule grew up in Midland and said a major advantage as a business owner was familiarity with Midlanders and significant existing relationships.

SHK was launched in the fall of 2014. The name stands for Seen, Heard, Known.

“We are a full-service advertising agency. So we do your traditional advertising, your media placement in places like newspapers, magazines, billboards, radio, TV,” Rule said.

She added that SHK Advertising is primarily known for its graphic design services. SHK will create logos, websites, business cards, apparel, promotional products or brochures for customers.

“Really anything and everything to get a company’s name out there,” Rule said.

She added that logo and website design remains popular throughout the year. The other most effective advertising mediums differ significantly, Rule said.

In September, SHK won the Reporter-Telegram Readers’ Choice Gold Award for Web Design Services. According to Rule, SHK recently designed a campaign for Midland’s Big Brothers Big Sisters youth organization. This campaign earned BBBS a Beacon Award for Excellence in Communication.

Rule said there was no downside to operating their business in Midland, especially since today’s internet-based business culture allows them to go beyond the city limits to win customers while still remaining prominent in the big city.

“Primarily, when we work outside of West Texas, it’s for people who have offices in Midland, but who also have offices elsewhere. Often it’s Oklahoma, some of the surrounding states, but we went as far as North Dakota. If we get a call, we’ll take it,” she said.

Rule, a graduate of Texas Christian University, worked at an advertising agency before SHK was founded. She wanted her business to grow significantly and stay true to the creative aspect of advertising.

“I felt like I had kind of a ‘ceiling’ before, so I just wanted to break that and see where it would take me,” she said.

Rule said SHK has clients in the oil and gas industry, but is fortunate to have a diverse customer base. SHK has clients in retail, medical, education and non-profit organizations.

Rule said she really enjoys her field of work and the ever-changing advertising landscape that requires constant adaptation to a client’s needs.

“Not everyone gets a chance to do something they love and it’s not repetitive,” Rule said. “Each campaign, each client brings a challenge and their own way in which we need to tell their story to be effective,” Rule said.


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