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An Indian woman is rarely seen riding a Harley Davidson motorbike in style in any part of the country. But that’s what separates Renu Sharma from the crowd. The 33-year-old devoted daughter, wife and mother from Rajasthan has just completed a 2000km ride on her Harley Davidson. This article tells the impressive story of this woman full of substance who also runs a web design business.

Renu Sharma recently completed a 2000 kilometer bike ride in just one week and that too in the sweltering summer heat of the Rajasthan deserts. Her goal in accomplishing the feat was the empowerment of women. During this unforgettable journey, Renu provided free online business consulting apps, distributed 500 free women’s hygiene kits and traveled the distance of 2,000 km to meet more than 1,000 people. She started the ride on March 3 and completed it on March 9, 2022.

Renu is also the founder of a fast growing web design company CuteVamp based in India and USA which provides web design services across the globe.

But that’s not all for Renu, as she is also a devoted wife and loving mother to her daughter, who was born in 2014.

It’s amazing how Renu, who is a true symbol of female empowerment, successfully juggles her domestic work and her business with her passion for cycling.

Here’s everything you need to know about this fiery woman’s inspiring journey, her vision and aspirations, and the impact she wants to make on society.

The early life of Renu Sharma

Renu was born on September 5, 1988 to Krishan and Kaushalya Sharma in a village called Makkasar (district: Hanumangarh). Five years after his birth, the family moved to Hanumangarh Junction.

:Renu completed his education (grade 1-10) from MD Government Higher Secondary School, Hanumangarh (Rajasthan). She went on to obtain a Bachelor of Science from Saraswati Girls School & College, Hanumangarh, and a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) from Sanskar International College, Hanumangarh.

Renu acquired degrees in domestic science and teacher training. After successfully completing a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), she got married in 2010. After marriage, she moved to her in-laws’ house in Anupgarh (Sri Ganganagar). His loving family was blessed with a beautiful daughter Alisha in 2014. Renu currently lives in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

How Renu Sharma’s professional life began

After marriage, she found her husband Sumit spending most of his time on his laptop absorbed in the web development process. As an ideal self-respecting ambitious woman who was also a caring wife, she decided to find a solution so that Sumit’s long hours on the laptop would be reduced and she would receive her well-deserved attention and time. . This is when Renu’s professional life began, as she began to learn and absorb knowledge about web programming languages. Thanks to Sumit’s hard work and support, she was confident in the concept within about a year.

She observed that these services were sold at very high prices. So, she executed her apprenticeship by selling these services at affordable prices to small businesses without compromising on quality.

The results were impressive and visible, for example,

1) Last year, she created over 500 websites with a 97% customer satisfaction rate

2) Many customers received extra money because his successful efforts had helped them expand their business

She has reached many milestones in her professional journey and has also volunteered in social welfare initiatives.

Renu Sharma’s personality, passion and vision:

Renu loves to travel and has a strong passion for cycling, which has allowed him to create a positive impact in the hearts and minds of people who think long distances are mostly for men.

Renu is an adventurous person who has explored many parts of India with his exceptional and world famous Harley Davidson Sportster 48 (1200 cc) bike. People know her as a woman who challenges boundaries, tests and proves her abilities, whether to achieve personal goals or professional milestones. The states of the country that Renu traveled through during his long journeys include Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Himachal Pardesh, Rajasthan, and more……

As a businesswoman, Renu’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition) has been her innate ability to learn, absorb, execute and achieve desired and visible results.

The awards and recognition that Renu Sharma has won

– March 8, 2021, Respected and Awarded by “India Muscle Wheels” on the occasion of “Women’s Day Ride”.

– November 29, 2019, got two awards from Raktkosh Foundation and Bharat Vikas Parishad (रक्तकोष फाउंडेशन व भारत विकास परिष)ष)

– On November 17, 2019, she was awarded by Rajasthan Brahmin Mahasabha for her passion for cycling and her long treks.

– November 22, 2017, Celebrating 500 five-star reviews on Cute Vamp

– Renu has also been awarded a respectable title by Dunes Harley-Davidson: “The Only Woman Harley Davidson Representative of Rajasthan”.

– She has also volunteered in many social work activities like bringing up children for the betterment and upliftment of society.

Message or impact of Renu Sharma on society:

Renu has been and will continue to be a loving member of the family, an inspiring team leader, and a contributor or volunteer to the welfare of society. She is always ready to explore the unknown, to challenge boundaries, but she also cares and seriously considers the subtle and the sensitive. Not only does she know different gears of life, but she’s also mastered shifting gears, making for an enjoyable and calming ride for her and those connected to her.

Renu Sharma’s strike line is: Work Hard – Ride Harder


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