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MADISON — At its next concert, the Madison City Community Orchestra will take a nostalgic look back at the weekends when kids sat cross-legged in front of the TV watching their favorite cartoons.

The “Saturday Morning Cartoons” concert will be held at the Madison United Methodist Church’s Christian Life Center at 127 Church St. in downtown Madison. Guests can enter through the south entrance through the parking lot. The concert begins at 5 p.m. on April 24.

“Please come and see our free concert and enjoy the Saturday morning cartoon music. Our musicians have worked very hard. The concert is going to be so much fun! Sandy Weisner, MCCO Manager.

The concert will feature “This Is It”, Various/Brubaker; “William Tell”, Rossini/Ryden; “Dance of the Hours”, Ponchielli/Rosenhaus; Theme from “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, Dukas/Higgins; “The Marriage of Figaro”, Mozart/Isaac; “Dvorak Symphony #9 New World movement #2 Largo,” Dvorak; and “What’s Up at the Symphony”, Various/Brubaker.

“We will begin our concert with the Ukrainian national anthem showing our support for the Ukrainian people in their current struggle to remain a free nation,” Weisner said.

“Our concert is designed to show that classical music is part of our daily lives, from symphony concerts to our regular Saturday morning cartoons,” Weisner said. “So many times people will know a piece of music just because they heard it on TV or in the movies.”

“For many, what comes to mind when playing ‘Barber of Seville’ or ‘Guillaume Tell’ is not the magnificent playing of a symphony orchestra. . . it’s Bugs Bunny or Yosemite Sam causing the chaos,” Weisner said.

“We invite you to dress in your (appropriate) pajamas and enjoy the pre-packaged breakfast snacks during the concert: cereal, muffins, pop-tarts and juice are pre-packaged and offered free of charge. Donations will be accepted,” she said.

Amazingly, although MCCO couldn’t rehearse/perform during the pandemic, the band continued to grow. MCCO’s roster now has 113 people; 65 members will perform in the concert.

The orchestra recognizes the “conductors” or mentors of their section:

* Strings — Meredith Kimmett, Violin 1/Concertmaster; Rachel Wyatt, violin 2; Julie Anderson, viola; Jill Williamson, cello; Steve Edwards, double bass; Ronnie Wingo, harp.

* Woodwind — Natalie Frazier, flute; Connie Haun, oboe; Dorinna Thom, clarinet; Dian Beaubien, bass clarinet; Jennifer Free, bassoon.

* Brass — Robert Price, French horn: Bill Crosson, trumpet; Elliot Laramie, trombone; John Inness, tuba.

* Rhythm — Jessica Hunt, percussion; Jaime Richardson, Piano.

The MCCO Board of Directors includes Chairman Robert Price, Vice Chairman Frank Cotton, Director Julie Anderson, Chief Financial Officer Natalie Frazier, Chief Marketing Officer Dian Beaubien, Chief Fundraising Officer Jan Mason, web design director Sharon Euley, librarian Steve Edwards, youth representative Rylee Richardson and assistant producer Allison Edgecomb.

“We would like to thank Madison UMC for their support, as well as all of our corporate sponsors: City of Madison, Redstone Federal Credit Union, Madison Street Festival, Madison Band Supply and many more,” Weisner said.

“Furthermore, we would like to thank our private sponsors. Without the support of so many people, we wouldn’t exist,” Weisner said.

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