Lucasfilm is no longer developing a Star Wars project with filmmaker JD Dillard


Director JD Dillard recently announced that its next star wars project is no longer in development at Lucasfilm. The film would have been the most important film for the director in his career so far. Dillard is known for his work on Sleight of hand, the 2016 film, follows a young street magician who turns to illegal tricks after the death of his parents. The film received mixed reviews, although it earned $4 million at the box office against a budget of $250,000.

Dillard spoke to TheWrap, sharing the unfortunate news surrounding his film in a galaxy far, far away. He claimed the project was “unfortunately no longer a thing”, although it was “not for lack of trying”. It wouldn’t have been the first time Dillard was near a Major star wars film, as the director began working with JJ Abrams on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. However, the filmmaker says his love and inspiration for the world created by George Lucas does not come from the initial films.


“My dad being an aviator, we had a bunch of flight simulators, [including] TIE Fighter. I’ve been playing this game for months. And my dad drives it with me. And I’m like, ‘Man, this game is so cool.’ And he’s like, ‘Well, you know, this game is from a movie series.’ And I was like, ‘You’re kidding me.’ That’s when I first watched ‘Star Wars’ and realized the full extent of what it meant to build a world because I was playing the pseudo-16-bit game.”

Although his star wars the movie is not on the table, Dillard tells TheWrap he would like to do a space movie in the future. However, this time “it will be an original idea”.

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JD Dillard prepares to take flight with a big release

Devotion 2022
Sony Pictures release

No it is not star warsbut JD Dillard is still gearing up for the biggest release of his career with Dedication. The film follows two United States Navy fighter pilots who risk their lives during the Korean War, becoming one of the Navy’s most famous wingmen. Dillard is looking for a big turnout when Dedication versions, capitalizing on the success of Top Gun: Maverick earlier this summer.

Glen Powell stars in the film, returning to the battlefield after starring alongside Tom Cruise in the Superior gun after. Jonathan Majors will join Powell in his duties, with the duo playing Tom Hudner and Jesse Brown respectively. Brown was the first African-American aviator in the US Navy. The budget for Dedication is around $90 million, which means Dillard and the studio will be looking for a big return on investment post-release.

Dedication arrives in theaters later this month, premiering November 23.


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