Lowell High students participate in the National Leadership Conference


LOWELL — The Lowell Chapter of Business Professionals of America celebrated the National Leadership Conference in person for the first time since May 2019 with eight members traveling to Dallas, Texas for the opportunity to “push their limits. “.

After participating in the Massachusetts State Leadership Conference through a hybrid model in March, members of Lowell High School continued to prepare for the National Leadership Conference. Members took objective tests after school hours and participated in workshops and were judged on Saturday, March 5 at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center. Members present at the in-person conference were: Amy Lam, Ibraheem Amin, Diana Heung, Alex McLaughlin, Elyjah Delius, Kenneth Chap, Viputh Kounakor, Molykim Srun and Jayanny Oliveira.

Earning their place at the National Leadership Conference were:

  • Business law and ethics: Second place Jayanny Oliveria, Fifth place Viputh Kounakour
  • Advanced spreadsheet applications: first place Molykim Srun, fourth place Ibraheem Amin
  • Banking and finance: Third place Alex McLaughlin
  • C# programming: second place Kenneth Chap
  • C++ programming: third place Kenneth Chap
  • Computer Programming Concepts: Second Place Kenneth Chap
  • Fundamental Accounting: Fourth Place Alex McLaughlin, Fifth Place Molykim Srun
  • Basic Spreadsheet Applications: First Place Molykim Srun, Second Place Ibraheem Amin
  • Health insurance and medical billing: first place Elyjah Delius
  • Information and Technology Concepts: Fifth Place Kenneth Chap
  • Interview Skills: Fifth Place Elyjah Delius
  • Medical Terminology Concepts: Fourth Place Elyjah Delius
  • Python programming: first place Kenneth Chap, second place Ibraheem Amin
  • SQL Database: Fourth Place Ibrahim Amin

For the first time in the chapter’s history, members of Lowell High also participated in the Administrative Support Team event under the leadership of Team Captain Molykim Srun, with members such as Viputh Kounakor, Diana Heung and Ibraheem Amin, where they placed second to national leadership. Conference.

Lowell High also required students to complete the Business Professionals of America series of student certifications. The series prepares members for success in the Business Professionals of America, retains existing members through training that leads to BPA success, and recognizes them for their achievements in the training programs. Certified members included Molykim Srun, Elyjah Delius and Rizma Shaikh.

The National BPA also sponsors 10 virtual competitions in the following areas: virtual multimedia and promotion; Virtual Media and Promotion – Team, Software Engineering Team, Web Application Team, Mobile Apps, Promotional Photography, Cyber ​​Security/Digital Forensics, Startup Business Team, Financial Portfolio Management Team, Virtual Brand Team.

Lowell High School had its first member, junior Kenneth Chap, participate in this national competition in mobile applications. Chap prepared his mobile application and submitted his application in November; then met with judges in February and was informed in March that he had placed in the Top 10 in the category. Chap then prepared for the National Showcase where his GameR app was explained to members and advisors. It received fourth place in Mobile Apps domestically.

After the open session and keynote speaker EJ Carrion, LHS members attended a variety of workshops and competitive event sessions while admiring Dallas in the evening. The Anatole Hilton hosted the conference and closing ceremony on Saturday May 7, where the best members of the national organization were recognized. Kenneth Chap did the stage for Lowell High School, which placed first in Python Programming and 15th in Information Technology Concepts. Other notable achievements include Molykim Srun, 15th place in Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications; sophomore Ibraheem Amin, 11th place in Python programming; and 16th place for junior Elyjah Delius in health insurance and medical billing.

Any Lowell High School student is invited to attend upcoming meetings this year in Room 629 on Wednesdays with Counselor Jill Taylor to prepare for the 2023 National Leadership Conference to be held in Anaheim, California. Students are not required to be part of any particular course of study at Lowell High and can check www.bpa.org for competitive events that match their interests.


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