L’Oréal: Dive into the heart of beauty by exploring our eco-designed 2021 Annual Report!


Our 2021 annual report is online: http://www.lorealannualreport2021.com

Inclusive Beauty, Responsible Beauty, Innovative Beauty, Beauty Tech and Beauty Performance: explore the 5 key themes of the 2021 edition of the Annual Report and dive into our successes and pride of the past year through 18 videos, more than 70 articles and 200 visuals.

Our goal in action

With an array of analysis, spotlights, interviews and charts, the annual report showcases a host of successes and initiatives that reflect how we bring our purpose to life, day in and day out: creating beauty. that moves the world. By giving a voice to those who shape not only the beauty of today, but also the beauty of tomorrow, it offers a 360° view of beauty trends, key to L’Oréal’s model of success and measures our progress in terms of financial performance and social and environmental performance.

An eco-design approach

The 2021 Annual Report is part of a phased three-year sustainable web design plan. We’ve implemented the highest standards – cleaning up unnecessary code, improving image handling, adding a dark mode, and including video transcripts – to reduce the site’s environmental footprint while providing you with a optimal navigation.

Discover the complete 2021 annual report on http://www.lorealannualreport2021.com


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