Leawood to review Cameron’s Court project near State Line Road


LEAWOOD, Kan. – After more than a year of debate and project reviews, Leawood City Council will consider a proposal to build more than 800 new residential units near State Line Road.

On Monday, city council will consider a rezoning application and a preliminary site plan for Cameron’s Court.

Oddo Development Company is requesting that approximately 116 acres of land south of 133rd Street and west of State Line Road be zoned from Agriculture (AG) and Planned Office (SD-O) to a mixed-use district (MXD).

The project was initially heard by the planning commission in September 2020. Since then, the proposal has gone back and forth between the commission and the city council for multiple revisions.

Following the continuation of the project since the October 4 council meeting, the current project proposal includes 843 residential units. Cameron’s Court development proposal includes:

  • A 100-unit serviced apartment building,
  • 29 single-family homes,
  • 16 duplex buildings totaling 32 apartments,
  • A 50,000 square foot grocery store,
  • Two driving restaurants of 4,500 square feet (100 seats),
  • 114,480 square feet of retail space,
  • 263,860 square feet of office space and
  • 378,340 square feet of commercial space.

The proposed project would be constructed in six phases. The first phase would include the construction of 29 single-family homes.

Phase two includes the construction of 25 apartment buildings (12 to 14 units per building), nine duplex buildings (18 units each), an 8,500 square foot pavilion and a maintenance facility of 1,200 square feet.

The third phase will include the construction of two multi-family buildings with 14 units and four multi-family residential buildings with 10 units each. Two of the northernmost buildings will be separated by a 40,000 square foot green space with a retail kiosk.

Phase four will consist of four four-storey apartment buildings, each varying between 77 and 85 units. Two of the buildings will include retail space and integrated offices. This portion of the property will also include a 150,500 square foot park.

The fifth phase will include 20 buildings intended for office and retail use. This phase will include the construction of a 50,000 square foot grocery store, two drive-through restaurants and a living / working building.

The final phase will include the construction of an assisted living facility of 100 units.

The sixth phase will also include the construction of a second life / work building. Each living / working building will have shops or offices on the first floor with residential units on the second floor. The two life / work buildings will include 20 apartments in addition to two townhouses of seven units each.

Based on a traffic study by TranSystems, traffic flow is expected to increase by 5,515 average weekday trips after the first phase of the project is completed and 16,350 average weekday trips after the second phase is completed.

Leawood City Council will consider the proposal at the next regular council meeting on Monday, December 6 at 6 p.m.


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