Leaked Moto Guzzi V850 X webpage reveals design inspirations


We’ve learned a lot about the upcoming Moto Guzzi V850 X over the past year. After spy photos surfaced in October 2022, we were expecting a modern take on the vintage-style V850 series from Mandello Del Lario. Moto Guzzi’s own description characterized the retro remix as a “synthesis of different worlds such as flat track and scrambler”.

By mixing modern elements with modest off-road capabilities, the V850 X could slot perfectly between the existing V7 range and Guzzi’s V85 TT adventure tourer. The Type Approval documents only supported the spy photos and short design description by revealing the Variant X model specifications.

Weighing in at 470 pounds, the V850 X cuts the 491-pound wet weight of the V7 Special. It retains the marque’s 853cc 90-degree transverse V-twin and claims the same output at 66 horsepower. A beginner-friendly A2 variant will produce 47 ponies in Europe, but the wheelbase and width of the X remain the same as the Special. To really differentiate the model from the rest of the V7 range, Moto Guzzi will look to Michelin Anakee tires and a contemporary design.

Thanks to a prematurely published web page, we know what influences the V850 X will bring to the table.

Translated from Italian to English, the statement reads:

“Born to be the center of attention, to stand out and surprise, to catalyze attention on its original design and its versatility on the road. The Moto Guzzi V850 X is a real series special, with an emphasis on the quality of the finishes and an attention to detail comparable to that of a collector’s item.It is the heir to the technical excellence of Moto Guzzi V7 which is eager to show each rider its original and independent character.

“The Moto Guzzi V850 X is unconventional, cheeky, innovative. Abandon the classic V7 styles to offer models that are more modern, original and influenced by Californian motorcycle culture. Because the V850 X was born on the American West Coast, creativity designers from the Piaggio Advanced Design Center directed by Miguel Galluzzi, the stylistic outpost located in Pasadena, where trends are born and travel the world.

With so many details becoming available in recent weeks, we expect Moto Guzzi to fully unveil the V850 X at EICMA 2022.


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