Leah Dickhoff Life Sciences and Health Seminar; Evi Sijben—CWI Amsterdam


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Title: Automated Optimization for Cervical Brachytherapy Requires More Than EMBRACE-II Planning Goals
Speaker: Lea Dickhoff

Abstract: A bi-objective model was introduced for MO-RV-GOMEA-based optimization for prostate HDR brachytherapy, intuitively capturing the dose trade-off between tumor target coverage and healthy organ preservation. This approach involves direct optimization on the dose volume indices specified in a clinical protocol. We investigated its immediate extension to cervical cancer brachytherapy by optimizing the planning goals of the officially recommended EMBRACE-II protocol. The results were deemed clinically unsatisfactory by specialist physicians due to undesirable properties in the dose distributions, indicating that additional targets are needed. A first approach optimizing both EMBRACE-II objectives as well as additional objectives has been developed and shows promising results.

Title: AI for decision support in paraganglioma treatment planning
Speaker: Evi Sijben

Abstract: Paragangliomas are tumors that appear in the head and neck region. Although these are usually benign, slow-growing tumors, they can cause serious conditions. These complaints depend on the growth of the tumor. being able to predict future tumor volume would be helpful in giving unavoidable treatment early on, but avoiding unnecessary and stressful monitoring. In this talk, methods for measuring paraganglioma tumors and knowledge about tumor growth are presented as well as possible ways to further support the decision-making process using AI.


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