Le Grand Leigh: scaffolding to come on site


ONE of Leigh’s most famous landmarks has moved closer to a return to its former glory, after scaffolding began to be removed from the Grand Hotel.

When completed, the building will have 18 apartments, a basement spa and shops, in a development led by the late businessman and TV star Mick Norcross.

Residents and councilors are happy to see the progress of the project, but also want to see faster completion.

Claire Holding, 34, from Leigh, said: ‘It’s great to see the Grand without the scaffolding around it.

“I had to take twice when I saw it and the work looks high quality too.

“Let’s hope they settle down for the summer.” It will also be a fantastic tribute to Mick Norcross when it is finally finished.

Mr Norcross, a 57-year-old businessman also known for appearances on The Only Way Is Essex, had worked as a property developer with his company 460 Leisure Ltd to restore the venue.

Since his death last year, the company has continued the project.

Carole Mulroney, Lib Dem adviser for Leigh at Southend Council, said: ‘It must mean they’ve finished part of it and moved on to the next part.

“I hope it’s a sign that they are making progress. It takes time, but I know there are problems getting building materials.

“Anything that shows they’re moving on to the next game is a good thing. It looks like they’re keeping the front and the outside as we asked them to.


Peter Wexham, Lib Dem adviser for Leigh, says he was also looking forward to seeing the finished development.

He said: “It’s a positive sign to see scaffolding being removed from the building and it’s good to see it has been left derelict for so long.

“As Leigh grew it was one of the main buildings in the area, so it’s very important to the town.

“It will be nice to see it operational again when it’s finished and I can’t wait to see it.”

While the fate of development has been undecided for a few years, The Grand has long been a key part of Leigh.

The original hotel dates back to 1899, when it was known as The Family and Commercial Hotel.

460 Leisure has been contacted for comment


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