Key Market Players in the Mobile Advertising Ecosystem

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Key Market Players in the Mobile Advertising Ecosystem

Posted on April 18, 2022

With a huge escalation in the number of people accessing the internet via mobile, India is rapidly transforming into a mobile-centric consumer market. In order to properly tap into the target group, it’s time for brands to focus on maintaining a strong digital presence. Since the majority of media consumption happens on mobile, it’s crucial to extend mobile marketing strategies beyond just app marketing and provide consumers with a personalized experience. In order to ensure that brands generate a satisfactory return on investment through mobile marketing strategies, it is suggested to assign the work to whoever has the expertise.

Here are a few players that stand out in the mobile advertising ecosystem:

Launched in 2018, XY Ads is an adtech network that assists mobile app unicorns with user acquisition and in-app engagement. In addition to this, XY Ads helps clients with information and provides consultations allowing them to target the relevant audience. The brand ensures quality results by establishing an ecosystem of partners with inventories in all verticals such as utilities, communication, lifestyle, entertainment, fintech, edtech, e-commerce, etc. . The platform has over 200 partnerships and operates globally from four offices in Dubai. , India, Indonesia and Amsterdam. NordVPN, Root, Alibaba, Lazada, Coinswitch, MPL, Moj, Pharmeasy and Groww have all relied on the brand to help them reach customers worldwide, with over 10 million monthly activations. In a short time, the platform has successfully served over 500 advertisers, helping them with user acquisitions, in-app engagement, and last mile goals.

Affle, a global technology company with a proprietary consumer intelligence platform that turns ads into recommendations that help marketers identify, engage, acquire and generate transactions with their potential and existing users. It delivers consumer engagement, acquisitions, and transactions through relevant mobile advertising. In addition to extending service to online and offline businesses for measurable mobile advertising, its Enterprise Platform helps offline businesses connect through platform-based application development, O2O commerce and through its customer data platform.

Digidarts is driven by growth, innovation and performance. Social media marketing, media buying, search engine optimization, app store optimization, digital branding, web analytics, pay per click ads, development websites, affiliate marketing, etc. are some of the digital marketing services they offer. Their team works closely with their client base to develop effective and engaging digital strategies to build brand reputation and online presence in new and exciting ways.

InMobi, a technology company founded in 2007, is a marketing cloud that creates real connections between brands and consumers. They specialize in Mobile Advertising, Consumer Discovery Platform, App Developers, Mobile App Marketing, Mobile App Monetization, Performance Marketing, Video Advertising, Ads native, mobile video, mobile programmatic video, mobile app remarketing, mobile app exchange, mobile commerce, vertical video, interactive video, growth marketing, retargeting, mobile marketing and app publishing.


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