Key Digital enhances the free KD app, offering zero programming


New York, December 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Key Digital enhances the free KD app, providing programming-free control of the AVoIP system

– The addition of source control capabilities makes the free KD app a complete system controller for most AV projects, reducing costs and simplifying setup and operation –

MOUNT VERNON, NY, December 29, 2021 – Simple, easy-to-use, and easy-to-understand control for the end user is an ultimate goal of AV installations – the capabilities of a system simply aren’t relevant if the customer can’t understand how to exploit it. With many systems, complicated and expensive programming is required to provide such an end-user experience, where specialized knowledge is required for even minor system updates. Now, with the addition of source control to Key Digital®’s free iOS KD app, the already sophisticated yet user-friendly app offers powerful and concise control of Key Digital App Ready devices at no cost, without programming. The KD app not only controls Key Digital’s full line of AV over IP encoders / decoders, switches, matrices, multiviews and video walls, but, with PJLink’s IR and IP control capabilities of connected system devices, control can also be extended to many display brands and source devices. “KD App has become so powerful,” says DeWayne Rains, Key Digital vice president of sales, “that 90% of tasks can now be done without any programming”

Key Digital, award-winning developer and manufacturer of advanced digital video processing, video signal distribution and AV over IP solutions, pioneered drag-and-drop programming with the development of the modular programming method for Compass Control Pro, a control system that unites Complete AV system control and signal management – peripherals, sources, displays, audio systems, lighting systems – in a single iOS app for controlling products from over 100 partner brands of the Compass Alliance. “Having a control system tells you a lot about the end user experience,” says Jonathon Ferry, vice president of product training and experience. “The knowledge gained during the development of Compass Control has been applied for the benefit of our users in the creation of the KD application.”

The KD app was introduced as a single function app to give end users portable, standalone control of certain Key Digital devices. As more features have been added to the app, it has evolved into a full featured control solution that includes end user defined presets, input / output switching, video preview, intuitive control drag-and-drop video wall, user-friendly device names, display control, CEC and local input selection – with source control now added to complete the feature set.

Once the KD app has been downloaded from the Apple App Store and the iPhone or iPad connected to the shared network, the app will automatically populate with all connected Key Digital devices. From a given device’s pre-built KD app GUI, inputs and outputs can be selected, video walls mapped, presets created or recalled, and additional device-specific features managed . User-defined presets allow for system-wide configuration for recurring customer needs, from a night out in a sports bar to a staff meeting in a conference room.

With Key Digital AV over IP products that integrate IR receive / transmit, menu-driven selection of controllable displays and sources can be made from a growing and evolving list of popular monitors, set-top boxes and sources such as devices. Apple TV and ROKU (a transmitter is even included in the box with KD encoders / decoders). In addition to the KD application, the Key Digital Management Software ™ Pro (KDMS ™ Pro) PC configuration and control software is also available for free download and demonstration at Integrators use KDMS Pro to name inputs and perform additional configuration tasks that are reflected in the KD application. As a programming-free control platform, KDMS also provides predefined graphical user interface panels and offers extensive control capabilities such as the recently added support for the PJLink projector control protocol.

The functionality of the free KD app on a multitude of Key Digital devices can be explored using the app’s built-in demo mode (which also serves as an effective sales tool for integrators).

“We used our experience and knowledge to focus not only on the integrator,” says Ferry, “but to focus on the customer experience of the integrator. “” This is the key; Rains adds, “It’s our job to make our integrators look good and their job to make their customers look good.” Key Digital’s free software tools play a huge role in keeping smiles on faces all around.

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Photo caption 1: Key Digital’s free iOS KD app offers a wide range of intuitive device controls, including finger swipes for video wall layout, input / output mapping, control of the camera and display, and now the control of the external source.

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Caption for photo 2: When used with Key Digital AV over IP products that have integrated IR receive / transmit, the free iOS KD app can control a growing and evolving list of popular displays, set-top boxes and sources such as Apple TV and ROKU devices.

About Key Digital:

Led by digital television innovator Mike Tsinberg, Key Digital® is an award-winning lnfoComm, CEDIA, CES and NAHB manufacturer of professional distributed video and control system equipment. Since 1999, Key Digital has been at the forefront of the ever-evolving audiovisual industry by designing products that deliver industry-leading quality, performance and reliability for enterprise, bar and restaurant, digital signage, and digital signage applications. education, government and places of worship.

Key Digital products are designed and manufactured in-house in Mount Vernon, NY. Superior quality, ease of installation and versatility are the result of hard research, development and testing. Unparalleled expertise and knowledge has created a unique hardware-software suite solution ideal for consultants, designers and installation companies in the audiovisual industry. Key Digital® is known for providing top notch products based on quality, performance and reliability.

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  • Key Digital’s free iOS KD app offers a wide range of intuitive device controls, including swipe fingers for video wall layout, input / output mapping, camera control and display, and now, external source control.


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