It’s NXT – AI Vision with no programming effort Envirotech Online


Grab – label – train – run AI. With IDS NXT, it really is that simple. It helps you build your individual vision application based on deep learning in no time. But why should you care about new technology? First, the application possibilities based on smart cameras are almost limitless. They take care of everything from automation and logistics to the visual inspection of products and the processing of goods. Second, since traditional vision solutions work with a fixed set of rules, organic or rapidly changing objects present a huge challenge for them. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, can easily handle such situations. It is therefore a popular choice when it comes to identifying products or defects as well as sorting and quality control applications. However, the hurdle to implementing an AI-based image processing solution is still usually quite high. IDS shows that there is another way: the IDS NXT all-in-one AI system comes with all the required tools and workflows, which means users can configure their smart vision solution without any prior knowledge.

With the help of IDS NXT Flagship Cloud Software, even non-experts without prior knowledge of artificial intelligence or camera programming can train a neural network with their own image data. Being a web application, all the functions and infrastructure needed to create the neural network are immediately available. Users don’t have to set up their own development environment, but can start training their own neural network right away. It involves three basic steps: uploading sample images, labeling the images, and then starting the fully automatic training. The generated network can then be run directly on the IDS NXT industrial cameras, turning them into powerful inference cameras capable of providing the desired information or transmitting commands to machines, for example via REST or OPC UA.

IDS NXT Flagship Free Trial Month for All Customers

How simple and practical is the tool in reality? Interested parties can now judge for themselves. The company allows all customers to activate one month free trial and thoroughly test the flagship IDS NXT. No sales contact is required to activate the full trial license. All they have to do is register with their IDS user account on IDS NXT headlight and select the appropriate option during the process. The license key is automatically provided.

With Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, IDS Imaging Development Systems now also supports another host for the IDS NXT lighthouse AI training software in addition to AWS. The offer is particularly aimed at companies that are not authorized to work with AWS due to regulatory requirements. The scope of functions and services as well as the operation of the training software are the same with both hosts.


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