Is social media enough? Does my business need a website in 2022?


The modern online landscape is very different from its humble beginnings. The advent of the Internet was born on a rocky foundation of simple, static web pages with an archaic yet charming aesthetic. There is something nostalgic about these relics of our online past, but the decades before them brought about a development that early internet users could not predict. Websites have evolved to be sophisticated and stylish, custom website design and website development have created endless possibilities. We’ve gone from read-only content websites to a fully interactive experience.

The latest waves of web applications, known as Web 2.0 and 3.0, offered the tools to rely on for social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tick Tok have become essential ways for businesses to reach and connect with their audiences. Social integrations create an easy-to-manage environment in which businesses can quickly showcase new products, communicate and engage with their audiences, and even create massive advertising and marketing campaigns.

There is no doubt that Web 3.0 applications have played a major role in how businesses find new customers and sell products or services. The barrier to entry is minimal to create an online presence for your business due to the ease of access of these platforms. However, to think that this is all you need to maximize your business’s sales and income is wrong. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking enough is enough, that your business needs a custom website designed just for it, and here are a few reasons why.

Create the perfect and organized environment for your customers

While having an online presence on a third party platform is an important ingredient in the online business pie, it’s still not really yours. While things like your social media are amazing tools for outreach, they limit you in their ability to tailor it exactly to your business needs. You need to adapt your business aesthetics and communication style to the parameters of the platform. Maybe your products aren’t done justice in the way you are forced to display them? Or the display photo and banner layout doesn’t work for your branding? Or maybe something as simple as Facebook’s garish blue clashes with your brand’s color scheme.

And then there’s the unpredictable algorithm for organic reach. All bow before the algorithmic gods.

A custom website gives you full control over the presentation of your products or services. Web design allows you to customize your website to take advantage of your branding, rather than compromising it for the layout and user interface of a third party platform. This allows you to guide the customer journey, presenting your products and services in a perfectly organized order to make sure they take into account all of what you offer, thus increasing your conversion rate. A bespoke website allows you to have complete consistency between branding, imagery and copywriting to deliver your brand’s message in the most optimal way.

Get the full attention of your customers

Most people have gotten used to browsing content at an extraordinarily fast speed. With all the noise online, it is getting harder and harder to grab the attention of users online. This is especially true with social media marketing, where your brand is just another article in a quickly updated news feed. As stated earlier, these third-party platforms are important tools to initially grab the attention of your customers, but your next step should be to take them out of the current digital ecosystem they are in and into yours. Remove them from social media and in your world.

Social media platforms and other online aggregates are designed for quick navigation. Their business model is to keep their users browsing their content to keep them on their site for as long as possible. Your business isn’t a priority, it’s just another piece of content. By drawing these users off of these platforms and to your website, you have their undivided attention. Your business is now able to dictate the pace of communication, and with a well-designed user interface and a strategic funnel in place, you can lead your customers to a conversion. This conversion could be selling a product, booking a service, or signing up to your mailing list.

Search engine optimization is the unsung hero of successful online businesses.

So far we’ve talked about web 3.0 apps like social media, but we haven’t even mentioned the giant elephant in the room – Google. Much of the Internet’s success as a business utility has been due to the development of search engines. Prior to their creation, users had to already know the URLs they were heading to, and occasional browsing was nearly impossible. Search engines have changed that, providing users with a fast and intuitive way to browse the World Wide Web. While there are several search engines available, there is no doubt that Google rules them all. While the nature of social media platforms tends to cater for specific demographics, Google caters to them all. It’s the tool of choice for customers looking for services and products, and as online shopping increases exponentially every year, not being able to be found on Google can be a death sentence for a business.

Through strategic website design and development, businesses can create a website that is optimized to be easily found on Google. It allows you to create multiple pages that focus on specific search terms, allowing your online presence to be extended to a wider set of requests. This allows multiple entries in your website, saving potential customers time and increasing your conversion rates.

While paid advertising helps ensure success, ultimately the design and development of your website will be a major factor in its success. Creating beautiful, engaging websites with rich content and popping images is the backbone of online business. This requires expert website design, while an inexperienced website development team ensures that all technical aspects such as page load speed, image size, and site architecture set your site up. Web for the Google search engine.

Final thoughts

Don’t be fooled into thinking that having a social presence is enough to run a successful business in 2022. A well-designed website tailored to your business needs is the final destination for all online conversions. Your marketing, advertising, and social presence all have to lead somewhere, and that place should be your website. Lime Digital’s proven track record of designing and developing impressive websites has driven our diverse portfolio of clients to higher levels of organic traffic, conversion rate, and revenue generation. Don’t leave money on the table when it comes to your online presence, see what Lime Digital website design and development can do for your business today.

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