iPhone vs. Vivo – What is worth buying?


When choosing between iPhone and Vivo phones, most individuals have already made up their minds. On one side, you have your iPhone fanatics who are longtime Apple customers. Others are in love with Vivo price in Pakistan and its cutting-edge advancements, and these people are known as Vivo fans.

On the other hand, when it comes to choosing between the iPhone and the Vivo, it shouldn’t just be a matter of personal preference. For an informed judgment, the options should be considered side by side. IOS 15 and Android 12 are beautiful, but they have some differences. One of the most difficult aspects of buying a new smartphone is deciding between an iPhone and an Android device. There are many similarities between iPhone and Vivo, but they are essentially different products.

iPhone vs. Vivo

This article can help you make an informed purchase decision for your next gadget. If you’re torn between an iPhone and a Vivo, keep reading.

It’s been a long time since Apple’s first iPhone was released in 2007, when it was a round, plastic-backed device. This time around, the new models offer sleeker glass and stainless steel designs. Not everyone loves the infamous notch at the top of the iPhone, even though it has gained notoriety. The face unlock sensor and the front camera are both housed here.

In the latest Vivo flagships, plastic has been replaced by metal. In 2020, Vivo’s X60 Pro had a dual-edge display for the first time. The company only offered phones with small screens and large bezels when it debuted. Vivo 2022 smartphones feature a “hole punch” front camera. Punch-hole cameras from the company Vivo provide a better viewing experience. Any model you choose will have a high resolution screen with crisp visuals and accurate colors.

iPhone camera, image consistency and video quality are better than Vivo. The Vivo X80 pro, on the other hand, has a much better camera than the X70 series. But Vivo smartphones offer more complex, engaging and adjustable photography experiences than Apple products.

Apple’s consistency remains its most distinctive trait. A Vivo phone is your best bet if you like to play with your camera and experiment with different settings. Apple iPhones are great for people who prefer more unbiased photos and videos. iPhone price in pakistan is larger, but the camera on Vivo is less reliable.

Apple’s iOS is more user-friendly, while Android offers more customization. Over time, competition has led to changes in both operating systems. In Pakistan, Vivo is focused on creating mid-range smartphones to cover a large portion of the population.

Funtouch OS, an Android-based operating system developed by BK Electronics, powers Vivo smartphones. In the first three months of 2015, Vivo achieved a global market share of 2.7%, placing it in the top 10 smartphone manufacturers.

Apple doesn’t make big claims about its battery life when competing in the smartphone industry. Additionally, Vivo’s ad emphasizes its devices’ long battery life and super-fast charging rates, among other features.

Even though Apple’s iOS does not have a large battery capacity, it offers minimal power consumption, which translates into long battery life, especially in the iPhone 13 series.

Finally, which is the best option for you?

Most of the time, a consumer’s decision to buy a smartphone is based on personal desire. Customers buy iPhones primarily for a seamless user experience and seamless integration into Apple’s ecosystem. iPhones outperform Vivo phones in these areas when it comes to basic operations like calls, video recording, system navigation, and web browsing. If you instead want a phone with a solid build, a fantastic camera and a quirky design, look no further than Vivo. Pricehut has the latest prices for iPhone and Vivo mobile.


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