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Infoglen, the Silicon Valley-based technology pioneer and a top Salesforce partner, has launched its first AppExchange product, Infoglen Pulse, to enable organizations to gain actionable insights into their key business processes and the productivity of their teams on the Salesforce platform.

SAN JOSE, CA., May 21, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Today, infoglen, the Silicon Valley-based technology pioneer and one of Salesforce’s premier partners, has launched its first AppExchange product, Infoglen Pulse. Pulse is billed as the first of its kind to offer organizations an intelligent way to measure and optimize their business processes, using the power of data and insights on the native Salesforce platform.

Impulse empowers organizations to gain actionable insights into their key business processes and team productivity on the Salesforce platform. Organizations can now accurately track and report on the health of all standard or custom processes, including sales, service, and other processes created specifically for an organization’s business needs on Salesforce.

Pulse is particularly suitable for high-volume, high-velocity business processes, such as recruiting into a large recruiting organization.

Pulse’s non-disruptive and highly scalable architecture ensures that none of the existing processes and transactions on the Salesforce platform are impacted when installing and activating Pulse. Pulse can be used for very large data size instances.

Over time, organizations create many different business processes on Salesforce. Infoglen Pulse allows them to track the performance of processes and how they can be made more optimal and efficient.

“Delivering on our promise to bring ‘digital innovation’ to our customers, we built Pulse to solve the key business problem of process optimization with data-driven insights,” said Saba Ahmad, COO and co. -founder of Infoglen. “We are excited to launch Infoglen Pulse on the Salesforce AppExchange, which we believe will be a breakthrough product for a large number of customers using the Salesforce platform.

CEO of Infoglen, Haroun Ahmadsaid “Infoglen is proud to earn the trust of our customers as a strategic technology partner. The launch of Pulse is another key milestone in our ongoing quest and mission to bring innovation and value to all of our customers.”

Infoglen Pulse can be downloaded and installed from the Salesforce AppExchange.

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