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DETROIT – The online market is a battleground. To attract customers to your website, you need more than attractive graphics – you need to have a search engine optimization (also called SEO) strategy.

Many companies can offer SEO services to online websites. In 2022, however, there has been an increase in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) related to SEO, which is not surprising. SEO is all about numbers, organic traffic, and website engagement tracking, which can be assessed more accurately using a specialized AI program.

Read on to learn more about how AI can help you increase your business website optimization.

AI keeps customer service going

Have you recently been on the homepage of a large company? If so, you will have seen a chatbot appear in the bottom corner.

A chatbot is an AI program, designed to maximize customer engagement and service. They can work on all types of laptops and computers, and every laptop on a site such as can open and operate a chatbot. This allows your customers to have round-the-clock access to support, increasing website engagement and improving search engine rankings.

AI helps with keywords

To have an optimized web page, you need a blog. A weekly updated blog will keep your website on the first page of all search engine results, along with other SEO tips. However, knowing which keywords to use in your weekly blog posts can be tricky. AI can track trending keywords relevant to your business, allowing you to create and write about more relevant content.

AI creates relevant content

AI can also go further. Suppose you are running a dental website for surgery and this week people are searching more for dental implants.

What parts are wanted? Implant placement? The follow-up? AI can also help make your blog page more relevant. Therefore, you will be able to attract more people with a blog that is more relevant to their search history. This can also be extended to marketing emails if someone has signed up for your weekly newsletter, as the AI ​​can ensure they receive relevant emails, rather than generic emails announcing everything what your website or service can offer. It boosts website optimization and therefore, sales too.

AI helps with translation

If you offer a local service, such as a hair salon, you are unlikely to need this option; but if you make custom wedding dresses, this might be a consideration, especially if you’re able to ship them around the world. AI can instantly translate your website content, making it more accessible to people in other countries with the click of a button. It should be noted, however, that some AI translators are better than others. So be sure to invest in a top quality product. Going back to chatbots, AI translation can extend to this as well, allowing guests to click and choose their native language from a drop-down bar in the chatbot window. More engagement equals more sales and better optimization. Many search engines such as Google give higher rankings to websites with this option.

Bio: James Daniels is a freelance writer, a business enthusiast, a bit tech-savvy, and a general geek. He is also an avid reader, who can spend hours reading and learning about the latest gadgets and technology, while offering insights and opinions on these topics.


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