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We live in a digital world. Like traditional lead generation, the new model still relies on demonstrating expertise and building trusting relationships, but these goals are now achieved online. There’s no shortage of digital strategies that can help attract leads for your business, but the most effective ones tend to fall under these umbrellas. Here’s how to create a winning lead generation strategy for lawyers.

Why is it important to generate leads online?

In the past, lawyers were able to generate a large number of leads through traditional tactics like word of mouth. However, nowadays consumers go online before any other source when considering hiring someone for a service.

In reality…

  • Content marketing generates 54% more leads than traditional methods.
  • 60% of B2B marketers believe social media is the second most effective lead generation tactic

Important Online Lead Generation Tactics for Law Firms

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Over 80% of people are looking for a product or service online. When people have a legal problem — whether or not they’ve decided they need a lawyer — they tend to turn to the internet for answers. The internet is especially important for people with legal problems because it is anonymous.

Your best bet is to make sure your law firm’s website is visible to as many of these people as possible. Search engine optimization is a science in its own right (which is why we have a full webinar presentation dedicated to it: SEO Basics in an Hour), but to rank on page 1 of Google, it is imperative to understand the following major components:

  • Research and then implement relevant keywords in your content– include high volume keywords specific to your business in things like the title, meta description, URL, headers, and image alt text to help you rank.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly (and responsive, if possible)– improve website speed by shrinking large images, eliminating pop-ups on small screens, decluttering your web design, and always testing on mobile devices.
  • Improve your site speed and improve navigation– optimize images, use content delivery network and use browser HTTP caching.
  • Lower your bounce rate– pay attention to page load times, make your site easy to navigate, have a clearly located search bar and write shorter paragraphs.

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Education Marketing

You will also hear this form of marketing referred to as content marketing. Whatever you call it, it’s about educating and informing people through the content you create and share. Content marketing is really the backbone of a lawyer lead generation strategy.

Just like we mentioned above, when people have legal questions, they seek answers. If you can provide these answers and solutions, you’re not only positioning yourself as a trusted resource, but bringing new traffic to your website or blog. Eventually, visitors may contact you with more questions or for clarification on something they are reading. That way, you’ll be ahead when they need legal representation.

Keep in mind that what people are really looking for and reading are articles or blog content – ​​not necessarily web pages. Items that researchers will find useful are how-to guides, question-and-answer sessions, checklists, and more. While it’s important to have a fully developed website with practice area descriptions, don’t overlook a “resources” section where you provide plenty of non-marketing and useful information.

Creating a blog is also an essential part of a smart content strategy. Along with your blog, you can also offer educational content in the form of white papers, e-books, etc. Always use a call to action at the end of each of these pieces of content so prospects are more easily moved down the sales funnel.

Even better, when you have developed interesting content like an e-book, you can also validate it by asking users to give their email address in exchange for viewing the content. This means you can add users to your database and also move them through the email buyer funnel.

Start by creating an ideal customer profile and determining what your target audience’s pain points are. Then, offer content that creates solutions to those problems. And don’t forget to promote your content through social media, email, etc.

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Social Media Marketing

No marketing strategy is complete without social media. Social media is arguably the most important platform for sharing information (after the internet). Social media is essential today, and it helps lawyers and law firms build brand awareness, stay top of mind, build relationships with their audience, and more.

Most social media platforms offer both paid and free ways to promote your business. Paid advertising on social networks allows very precise targeting and precise control of your budget. Even if you don’t want to start with paid campaigns, you must be present and active on social networks, it’s word of mouth today!

It’s also great to be constantly active because you never know: something you posted might hit someone on social media at the right time.

Start by creating accounts on all major platforms and focus much of your attention on LinkedIn. Make sure each account has a profile picture, header (if applicable), and bio that meets your brand guidelines. Next, plan the content you want to publish. Remember: the content should be primarily educational. Try sharing links to your blog or content, responding to industry news, highlighting your company culture, etc.

Make sure every post is fully optimized with an image/video and hashtags and you’ll be well on your way to generating leads.

Online Advertising

As we mentioned above, you can create paid social media ads, or you can invest in pay-per-click ads through search engines like Google.

Either way, these types of ads are much more profitable than traditional ads because you only pay for those that convert.

PPC ads are a great way to stay competitive as they ensure your content is shown to people, whereas with SEO and organic social media there is always a chance you will not rank/appear in algorithms.

Start by researching relevant keywords/what audience you want to target and go from there. Make sure your campaigns are fully optimized with an informative landing page that includes a lead generation form, images/videos (if it’s a social media ad), and engaging copy.

Multimedia options

Today’s consumers want to learn and absorb information in many ways. Things like videos, podcasts, and webinars are great ways to educate your audience and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

By creating unwritten content, you expand your business brand to a wider range of users and whole new audiences by leveraging things like podcast publishing platforms, YouTube, Zoom events, and more.

lawyer lead generation

Even better, these options also help to humanize law firms/lawyers. People tend to want to work with those they consider genuine, and hearing the voice and maybe even seeing the face of a lawyer you’re considering working with can work wonders.

You can learn more about multimedia options for lead generation with these free resources:


Although these are all separate strategies, the truth is that they all focus on one goal: gaining more visibility. Using these tactics will help ensure that you are ready to implement a successful lead generation strategy.

This post has been edited and reposted from August 4, 2021.


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