Images of Returnal on PC leak online, offer preview of graphic customization options


Return come computer must be one of sony Worst-kept secrets now, as video footage of someone scrolling through the PC graphics options menu for Returnal has leaked online.

The footage doesn’t show any gameplay, but does show someone clearly stopping at some point in what appears to be the first area of ​​the game, adjusting the graphics options.

Spotted by Nibel on Twitter via icon-era, it’s the biggest confirmation yet that Returnal is indeed coming to PC, though Sony has yet to admit it.

As long as the video remains visible, you can view it here.

We’ve had a SteamDB listing that looks like it’s supposed to be Returnal warning us for months, not to mention Housemarque potentially letting the cat out of the bag in March at GDC, and no one seemed to notice.

This video, however, now puts it up to par PlayStation to finally come out and say what everyone already knows, and hopefully that’s a PC version we’ll get soon.

What’s also cool about the video is that it confirms some things. It confirms that this new version will have ray tracing, support DLSS, allow you to view graphics changes live as they happen in the menu.

There is resolution scaling support, VSync support, NVIDIA image scaling support. It even tells you which hardware elements will be affected the most when selecting.

The top of the video screen even includes an FPS counter and the game runs at 50FPS more or less, with a few dips in the teens, all in the menu only.

Of course, there’s no way of knowing what hardware it was running on, but maybe even though this video might imply it’ll be ready soon, it’s not and there’s still a optimization needed.

Either way, it’s getting a little ridiculous at this point that Sony hasn’t come out and confirmed that Returnal will be coming to PC. Hopefully that changes soon.

Source – [Twitter]


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