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Posted on November 01, 2022

For generations, the lawns of City Hall buildings across the country have served as places of gathering, celebration and protest.

As part of a goal to transform the way services are delivered in Fort Worth, the City purchased the former Pier 1 building at 100 Energy Way. The move will bring functions from 22 departments from 14 buildings to the site.

One of the primary goals of Fort Worth’s transition to its future City Hall is to create a welcoming space for all members of the community, both inside and out. How will this be accomplished?

Through the design phase and strong engagement with the public, city leaders understood the importance of incorporating rest areas, walking paths and alternative shaded areas for the gatherings. They also heard how important it is to create a real place for small events, food service and special gatherings.

In response, the design includes several key elements, such as a covered terrace with seating, a centralized plaza that can accommodate food trucks and vendor tents, and a network of walkways throughout the site.

In addition to the green space, the City plans to build an additional parking garage on the site to accommodate parking for City staff, visitors and board and commission participants.

While the 11-acre site will be visibly transformed in the coming months, it is important to note that as much green space as possible along the river will be retained.

Residents can find out more about the future City Hall by emailing questions. Many of these questions and answers will appear in future communications with residents.

Pictures:. (High) As much green space as possible along the river will be preserved.

CITY NEWS future city hall-after dark.jpg (Above) One of the main objectives of the future town hall is to create a welcoming space, inside and out, for visitors to public meetings.

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