How to create IoT projects from scratch


The Internet of Things continues to grow and innovate. Follow the news of this developer pack.

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If you are a do-it-yourselfer who wants to bring ordinary objects to life, consider The Complete Raspberry Pi and Arduino 2022 Developer Pack. This set of nine courses is taught by software engineer and entrepreneur Edouard Renard. Co-founder of a robotics startup, Renard works daily with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu, ROS and other important IoT tools. His simple, step-by-step training will help you progress at a pace that suits you, starting with the absolute basics of IoT.

In this course, you will dive into Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ROS, and other programming languages ​​that will help you work with the Internet of Things. You’ll master a Raspberry Pi from scratch by building real projects like a surveillance alarm and a web server. With Arduino, you’ll gain confidence creating an interactive obstacle detection app, building your own Arduino circuits, and programming your Arduino board with C and C++. You will also learn how to create, build, run and debug ROS programs, create reusable code for any ROS powered robot and much more.

By the end of these hands-on courses, you’ll be programming for the Internet of Things in no time. To input The Complete Raspberry Pi and Arduino 2022 Developer Pack on sale for just $39.99 today.

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