How Elyse Myers uses TikTok to raise mental health awareness


Realize your power

Elyse began speaking out about her mental health online by sharing her experience of being bullied as a child. In one video, she said a middle school teacher discouraged her from trying cheerleading because of her size, hinting that she might be too tall for the uniform.

“I was made aware of my body size long before I was taught to like it,” she said in December’s TikTok, “and now I know that as a as an adult, that says a lot more about people commenting on my appearance than it does my appearance at all.

The TikTok resonated with viewers: “Once I got feedback from people about how they had had similar experiences, I realized that was something I really needed to focus on. and that I needed to talk more about,” she told E! News, “because people need and want someone to shed some light on this.”

“There’s so much power in me not to change the way I speak or the way I dress or my makeup, just to show myself exactly as I am,” she continued. “The power I’ve found in giving people permission to do this in their own lives has impacted me so much. Honestly, it more than likely impacts them.”

She put it best: “I’ve seen my own self-image become dramatically healthier,” she said. “I remember in these videos that I also have to be myself all the time.”


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