How do you find and choose a web development company?


find a web development company is not a problem. However, choosing the right one may not be the easiest task.

The number of web development companies is constantly growing. They all specialize in different types of businesses, industries, and technologies. How can you ensure that they will deliver your website on time? How can you verify their expertise and experience?

Let’s see what will help you make this choice.

1. Pay attention to reviews

Popular services such as Goodfirms or Clutch publish lists of the most reliable web development companies. The listings are based on criteria such as market presence, relevant experience, and verified customer reviews.

Platforms such as Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr or Freelancer also offer work history and reviews for teams and specialists.

My recommendation would be to read the testimonials left by customers. This way, you will understand the background of the company, its specialization and the scope of the projects it has built.

If you are unsure, you can try talking to their existing customers to make the final choice. They can share with you their experience on how the company tracks requirements and communicates. Thanks to customer reviews, you will understand if the company is responsible and really committed to each project.

2. Check the wallet

Browse a company’s portfolio published on its website and showcasing its work. This will help you verify their relevant experience working on similar products or for the same industry. In addition, the portfolio provides valuable insight into the area in which the provider specializes.

The company’s website design, content, and social media profiles can help you understand if they have a professional approach to development. The website is a brand identity for customers. So, if a web development provider takes care of their own UX and UI, chances are they will build a product for you with the same quality.

If the company doesn’t showcase their case studies on the website, check out their profiles on platforms like Behance and Dribble. You will learn about their approach to creating solution design.

3. Learn more about the development approach and reports

The product development approach is another thing worth checking out. Learn about the company’s approach to development.

There are two main methods: waterfall and agile. In the cascade approach, a team moves on to the next step after completing the previous one. An agile approach involves a team working in small steps verifying that the solution is working properly at each phase.

If you are a startup owner, I recommend that you adopt the agile methodology. The development team verifies the proper functioning of the solution at each small step. Thus, it will not take long to improve the solution if necessary. As a result, you save resources and effort for development.

Also, I advise you to find out about the reporting system that the company adopts. The team reports on daily results and the operational chat should be at your disposal. Such transparency ensures that you are informed of the current development progress of your web solution.

4. Talk to the team before signing a contract

Make sure you communicate easily with the people involved in the development of your website. Also check if they contact you through many channels, such as phone or messengers. A professional team that responds to you quickly is the key to the success of the project.

The development of your website should involve experienced specialists. If the team has been working together for a long time, they are probably professionals who know how to best deliver your website.

Another important aspect is your role in the development process. Contact the company and discuss your involvement as the team builds your web solution. It is good practice for the company to share relevant discussions and documents with you. Make sure you can push changes or improvements to the team if you need them. This way, the team can adjust the development process of your project.

5. Find out what technologies they use in development

There are many programming languages, frameworks and development environments. This is why it is quite difficult to understand if the company applies the technologies that best meet your needs.

So there are some questions you can ask the company to clarify things:

  • How long have they been using the technologies offered to you?
  • Why do they choose particular technologies?
  • Do they meet the latest search engine requirements and web standards?
  • How do they keep your website secure?

A company with a solid track record would suggest the technology stack that keeps your website reliable and efficient. If a company has years of proven work using particular technologies, this might be the right choice.

6. Learn about a company’s services

Check what services a company provides while developing your website. Some typical steps are considered good practice. They include the following:

  • Discovery of the product. The step involves research and analysis that helps to know if the product is profitable. At this stage, the company discovers the market potential of your product.
  • Planning. Depending on the features to be included in the website, the company forms a team with dedicated tasks.
  • Design creation. Creating an intuitive UX and engaging UI is essential for your solution. The design highlights the uniqueness of your brand.
  • Build an MVP. The Minimum Viable Product, or MVP, is the preliminary form of your product that includes key features. This is a functional release that allows you to launch your web solution earlier and collect user feedback. Based on this, you can improve your product.
  • QA and optimization. Extensive testing and verification of code effectiveness ensures that your website runs smoothly and protects it from cyber threats.
  • Maintenance and support. The right company will help you with the following improvements to your website. It will help you make changes to your website in line with new technology standards and market needs.

If the company walks your website or app through similar steps, this might be a good fit for you.

to summarize

It can be difficult to find an experienced web development agency. The company should know the specifics of your industry and have a good understanding of your business needs. They should be expert in delivering lightweight and fast loading websites or apps.

However, with some research based on the advice above, you will find a great team to create the best web solution for you.


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