Highcliffe and Walkford Parish Council oppose Brentland Ltd’s plan to build 17 houses in the woods off Jesmond Avenue


THE resurrection of a controversial housing offer in a wood in Highcliffe has drawn opposition from parish councilors who have described it as a ‘major concern’.

Highcliffe and Walkford Parish Council said a desire to maintain a ‘green corridor’ through the area was behind its objection to 17 properties on land off Jesmond Avenue.

In his comment to the BCP Council, which will decide on the project, he said: “This is a hugely important issue and should be of major concern for the preservation of green spaces. It could set a precedent.”

Jesmond Avenue Woodland

He also asked the PCO Board to extend the consultation period and wondered why some houses further away from the site had been consulted on the proposal.

As reported in the A&T, developer Brentland Ltd has offered 17 properties for the site, down from its previous bid of 23.

It had attracted 300 objections from local residents and was rejected by BCP Council planners amid concerns about its environmental impact.

The latest request says “most” of the 890 trees on the site will be retained, but 245 will be felled because they are weak, young trees or already dead.

It comprises 16 four-bedroom units plus one three-bedroom unit, with 34 parking spaces.

Jesmond Avenue designs
Jesmond Avenue designs

Plans show that the site retains an ecological corridor and trees, with an eastern section – a site of nature conservation importance – to be conserved as a managed biodiversity area.

The plan also included an ecological buffer zone of 7-10 meters along the southern boundary, to provide a green corridor and ecological network between Chewton Common and Nea Meadows.

In its application, Brentland said the two-story homes were each “individually designed,” adding that access will be via greenways and private driveways on Jesmond Avenue.

Brentland added: “This program will provide 17 attractive and much-needed family homes in a sustainable central location supported by public and private amenity spaces.”

The PCO Board is expected to make a decision after the comment period ends on May 20.


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