G&W Electric Company Announces $3.6 Million Strategic Investment in Smart Generation


G&W Electric’s investment will allow Intelligent Generation to expand its customer base for energy storage services and G&W Electric’s market for smart microgrids.

BOLINGBROOK, Ill., May 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Electric G&Wa global supplier of electrical equipment since 1905, and Intelligent Generation (“IG”), a Chicagoenergy storage optimization platform that enables enterprises to utilize the clean energy grid, today announced the completion of a $3.6 million strategic investment. This investment from G&W Electric will enable IG to expand the business and technology capabilities of its patented POWR:Suite platform to increase market share in the rapidly growing market for energy storage optimization services. G&W Electric, which is developing its own microgrid to power its Bolingbrook, IL headquarters, is also working with IG to develop a joint smart microgrid go-to-market strategy. In addition to this investment, G&W Electric and IG have entered into a licensing agreement that allows G&W Electric to bundle IG POWR:Suite into G&W Electric’s microgrid offerings.

“Intelligent Generation has always been a company of firsts,” said Jay Marhoefer, co-founder and CEO of Intelligent Generation. “IG patented the Energy Storage Value Stack in 2010. We monetized the first behind-the-meter energy storage systems for commercial and industrial customers in both PJM and MISO. IG’s solution enhances significantly the return on investment for customers looking to invest in more reliable, resilient electrical power, and we have an ideal partner in G&W Electric to grow this market.”

“The Intelligent Generation POWR:Suite platform is the key ingredient that transforms microgrids from solely providing resilience to generating revenue for network services while saving significant amounts of energy costs,” said declared John Müller, president and owner of G&W Electric Company. “We view IG’s software and intellectual property as a premier addition to G&W Electric’s industry-leading distribution network solutions.”

For more information on this announcement, go to gwelectric.com or intelgen.com.

About G&W Electric
Since 1905, G&W Electric has helped power the world with innovative power grid products and solutions. With the introduction of the first disconnectable cable termination device in the early 1900s, G&W Electric began to build a reputation for innovative technical solutions to meet the needs of system designers. With an ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction, G&W Electric enjoys a worldwide reputation for quality products and superior service. For more information on G&W Electric, visit their new website at www.gwelectric.com. Follow G&W Electric on Twitter @GW_Electric and on LinkedIn.

About Smart Generation:
ChicagoIntelligent Generation is an industry-leading energy storage optimization platform that enables businesses to utilize the clean energy grid. Launched in 2009, IG’s patented POWR:Suite platform has delivered both utility bill savings and electricity market revenue to commercial and industrial customers. IG currently has projects in regional transport organizations PJM and MISO.

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