Gurugram: Two dead on the construction site of sector 65 | Gurgaon News

GURUGRAM: Two workers died and one was injured after falling from a building under construction near the golf course road extension on Thursday evening.
Sources at the Sector 65 site said that while one of the workers fell 19 stories after the concrete platform he was standing on gave way, the other two were on the second floor and fell with him. Sadam Hussain (24), who was on the 19th floor, died instantly. The other two – Krishan Saini (21) and Manoj Saini (24) – were rushed to a nearby hospital.

While Krishan was pronounced dead on arrival, Manoj was admitted with serious injuries. Krishan and Manoj were cousins ​​of Alwar in Rajasthan.
The incident took place at the AIPL Joy Center building, just a hundred meters from the Sector 65 police station. Hussain, who came from the north of Dinajpur in West Bengal, was engaged in shuttering work on the 19th floor.
“He was working outside the front of the building and standing on a concrete platform supported by an iron beam. The iron beam broke when a weight was placed on it and the platform concrete also caved in. Hussain fell 19 stories to the ground,” said Johny Kumar, one of the workers at the site. “The other two workers were fixing tiles on the facade of the building on the second floor. The concrete slab Hussain was standing on fell on them and knocked them to the ground,” he added.
Neither Hussain nor the two cousins ​​were wearing seat belts that could have kept them from falling, other workers claimed. Sajan, who was also on the second floor, had gone to drink water when Hussain fell. “The iron beam may not have been able to support the weight of the concrete platform,” he said.
Police said they needed more evidence to determine how the three workers fell and whether safety measures were lacking. “It is too early to comment on the security measures at the site. We are investigating the matter. The family will arrive at the police station soon and an FIR will be registered on their complaint,” said ACP (HQ) Vikas Kaushik .
The promoter denied any slippage to ensure the safety of its workers. “This is an unfortunate incident. We will compensate the families adequately. We have appropriate security measures here. There is no negligence,” said Manoj Kumar, who handles legal affairs on behalf of the company.
Hussain left behind a two-month-pregnant wife and a five-year-old child. “In my womb I have a child who will never see his father. What am I going to do now? I want justice. I demand compensation for my family,” she said. Hussain, she said, earned 900 rupees a day from her contractor.


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