Graduated from P&G. Graduate Diploma for Ecommerce Technology Manager


Graduated from P&G. Graduate Diploma for Ecommerce Technology Manager


P&G is recruiting an experienced ECOMMERCE TECHNOLOGY MANAGER at its Mumbai location. You will collaborate with passionate peers and receive formal training as well as daily mentorship from your manager in a dynamic and supportive work environment. At P&G, people are at the center, we value each individual and support initiatives, promoting agility and work/life balance.

The complete details of this work are as follows:-

Roles and responsibilities:

The ideal candidate must be able to:

Actively collaborate between functional partners and senior management to achieve various project objectives.

Lead and manage innovation in marketing and e-commerce technologies to meet emerging business needs

Prioritize and translate business requirements into system requirements that also adhere to IT policies and security/privacy mandates.

Engages seamlessly with e-commerce, marketing and media organizations, typically at the level of brand manager, associate brand manager, client manager and e-commerce manager.

Provide insights from data sets in digital / media / e-commerce, run digital media convenience keyboard, enable digital media on digital media platforms / e-commerce channel.

Leverages technical expertise and a strategic mindset to succeed.

The ideal candidate should also have:

Business Intelligence tools: such as KNIME, Python, MS-Excel and Power BI

Knowledge of any database query language like SQL

Full web development capability (intermediate), e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, backend programming languages

Experience in any automation tool such as Blueprism

DevOps capabilities (basic) – Git & GitHub

Skills in UI/UX design and prototype design


Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business/Management Information Systems, Computer Science/Systems/Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Business Analytics, Data Science, Operations Research or Statistics and 1-3 years of relevant experience

Strong written and verbal communication skills to inspire others to action

Proficiency in stakeholder management across all functions, including senior management

Good social skills, motivated, dynamic with a positive mentality.

Strong enthusiasm and curiosity for the intersection of business and technology.

E2E experience of the project lifecycle, including delivering business value

You must be adept at demonstrating technologies to solve ad hoc business problems, innovate on potential future solutions, and work with technology partners to translate your innovations into robust, scalable analytical solutions.

Strong analytical skills including tools: KNIME, Python and Power BI

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