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Makes increased support for police, crime prevention and victim protection services a three-year initiative
Will again pressure the General Assembly to adopt hugely popular and common sense judicial transparency measures and judicial transparency measures
Orders the Parole and Probation Division to aggressively follow all open warrants in order to hold judges accountable and assist local law enforcement

ANNAPOLIS, MD—Gov. Larry Hogan today announced the extension of his police refinancing initiative to a three-year, $ 500 million investment in increased law enforcement support, and increased services crime control and victim protection across the state. The governor also announced that he would reintroduce legislation to tackle violent crime at the next Maryland General Assembly session.

In recognition of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, the Governor was joined for today’s announcements by leaders of the state’s police departments, including Chief Police Chief Mike Wilson of the Maryland Capitol, Col. Adrian Baker of the Maryland Natural Resources Police, Major Jerome Howard of the Maryland Transportation Administration Police. Maryland Transportation Authority Police Chief Kevin Anderson and Maryland State Police Lt. Col. Roland Butler.

“Even in the country’s most progressive cities, leaders are now following our lead and admitting that instead of funding, they need more investment in public safety,” Governor Hogan said. “There is nothing more important than tackling the violent crime crisis in our state and our efforts to refinance the police and give them the support and resources they need to do their jobs more effectively. . “

Watch today’s press conference.

The governor’s expanded three-year policy reimbursement initiative includes:

  • $ 220 million for historic salary increases and bonuses for law enforcement officers to ensure more competitive compensation and to help with recruitment and retention, as well as scholarship programs for the police
  • $ 137 million for a 50% increase in state police assistance to state-wide local jurisdictions
  • $ 50 million for major capital improvements to the Maryland State Police Barracks and a new Tactical Services building for the Special Operations Division
  • $ 37 million fully fund victim service providers
  • $ 30 million in Neighborhood Safety Grants to support upgrades to equipment, lighting, cameras and increased security services for community organizations, business districts and main streets

As previously announced, the initiative also includes:

  • A 100% publicly funded match for all Crime Stoppers rewards that lead to arrests
  • $ 24 million create a new Accountability Resource Fund, which will be used to provide more body cameras, de-escalation training and other essential tools for national and local police services
  • $ 1 million for the Maryland Association of Chiefs of Police and the Maryland Sheriffs Association to further expand operational training and support

Further details on the positions will be available in the FY23 budget.

Reintroduce major crimes legislation. The governor announced that he would re-introduce legislation to tackle violent crime during the Maryland General Assembly session that begins Wednesday:

  • the Firearm Violent Offenders Act Significantly tightens penalties for offenders who illegally use and possess firearms, as well as for those who illegally supply firearms to criminals.
  • the Judicial Transparency Act will require the Maryland State Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy to track and publish detailed information on sentences handed down by judges for violent crimes.
  • The governor will also present the Refinance the Police Act sustain the increase in local aid.

Orders the Parole and Probation Division to begin tracking all open warrants. Governor Hogan also ordered Secretary Robert L. Green of the Maryland Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services and the Division of Parole & Probation to begin aggressively tracking all open warrants, starting in high crime areas of Baltimore City, to take action to hold judges accountable and help local law enforcement agencies get more offenders off the streets.

  • For more data and information on parole and probation, please see this report submitted to the General Assembly.

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