GoKampus partners with Netcore Cloud to increase user engagement


GoKampus, indonesia the largest market for education and study programs, recently in partnership with the globally recognized Martech SaaS giant, Netcore cloud to join forces to improve the quality of user engagement, thereby providing added value to consumers and increasing overall conversions. This agreement will provide GoKampus with access to Netcore Cloud’s full range of martech solutions – Consumer Engagement, Messaging Services and Personalized Experience, adding significant value to the mobile app and website UI.

Since 2018, GoKampus has been running a successful education business. The company is known for its personalized and superior teaching methods, supported by technology. GoKampus has partnered with Netcore Cloud to take customer value to the next level for its comprehensive offering. GoKampus users will now be able to take advantage of student promotions at various partner companies, find and apply for scholarships quickly and efficiently, and get student loans faster with less effort. These are a few benefits apart from others including internships and job placements.

Saket Kumar Jha, Chief Revenue Officer – Emerging Marketsat Netcore Cloud noted, “Netcore Cloud’s customer engagement and product experience has proven to be a reliable tool for marketers. Enabling effective engagements using powerful AI tools has proven to be hugely valuable for brands across all industries. We are confident that our product will create unparalleled benefits for GoKampus, which will show visible results in the form of improved ROI, down the line.

Speaking about the collaboration, Lie Nathanael Santoso, Founder and CEO of GoKampus said: “Enhanced by its best-in-class AI-powered marketing automation and personalization solutions, Netcore Cloud’s no-code product experience platform has enabled companies to successfully create contextual walkthroughs and swipes. thumbs up for consumers. We look forward to using our collaboration with this leading AInexpert to ensure our users have a far superior experience with us.

Netcore Cloud was one of the world’s first AI-powered email delivery platforms. The platform offers send-time optimization, adaptive throughput and predictive engagement, making the company the preferred choice for lightning-fast email delivery and email inbox peak. Today, Netcore Cloud is recognized as a trusted partner by some indonesia top performing brands including Tokopedia, Bank BCA, Payfazz, Smartfren and others.

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