Festo presents AI to improve availability, quality and energy efficiency at Pack Expo


Pretzel twist processFesto Automation Experience (AX), a new artificial intelligence (AI) platform for predictive quality, predictive maintenance and energy optimization. Using advanced analytics, Festo AX maps data to find out the health status of a component, machine, product or energy system. Festo AX provides actionable insights to fix anomalies when data starts to deviate from normal. Festo presents AX at Pack Expo 2022, October 23-26, McCormick Place, Chicago, Festo Booth #N6213.

This new solution from Festo improves the utilization and quality of machines, reduces waste and guarantees energy optimization. It provides a bridge between advanced analytics from operational technology and IT-based business intelligence. Festo AX gives companies a tool to be more competitive and sustainable. It also offers original equipment manufacturers a noticeable differentiator for their machines and systems.

Festo finds that Festo AX can improve process transparency by 100%. It can reduce waste by more than 50% and product rejection costs by more than 45%. Machine availability can improve by more than 25%. Unplanned downtime can decrease by more than 20%.
Festo offers AX turnkey solutions for food and beverage packaging, pneumatic components, welding systems and machine tools. Festo AX modules include predictive maintenance, quality and energy. The value of proof of activity can be established within weeks. Pilot projects, for example, typically last 6 to 12 weeks. Once the business case is made, deployment to machines, lines and plants can be completed in three to six months.

Linking Festo AX to Festo Smartenance or third-party maintenance management programs further improves efficiency and effectiveness by giving the packaging maintenance department a major new tool to keep machines producing quality products at optimum energy consumption . Visit Festo Automation Experience – Festo AX – for more information.

A highlight of the Festo stand is the Simplified Motion (SMS) series of electric actuators. SMS combines the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of pneumatics with the advantages of low power consumption and precise positioning of electrics. SMS actuators offer infinitely variable three-position motion for an economical all-in-one servo motion solution. The SMS series includes types of ball screws, timing belts, mini slides, electric cylinders, piston rods and rotary actuators for a wide range of applications. In line with Festo’s focus on reducing engineering time for customers, configuration for two or three positions is simple, enabling quick start-up and agile changeover.
The Festo exhibit includes a range of electric actuators for multi-axis motion. Using Handling Guide Online, a free online configuration tool, single or multi-axis motion systems can be specified in less than 30 minutes. Setup only requires basic operational parameters such as stroke, payload, cycle time and available voltage to be entered into the online tool. There are no equations to work with. At the end of the session, Handling Guide Online users receive a quote for the system, shipping date information, and 2D and 3D models.

For Cartesian robots based on the Handling Guide Online, Festo’s background software, Festo Motion Control Package, automatically specifies the drives, motors and other components required for this robot, saving hours of engineering time. The control panel comes fully assembled for plug-and-play startup. Festo Motion Control Package systems use function block software that gets the robot up and running within hours.

Festo is also presenting new hard and soft robotic grippers. The new flexible grippers work like human hands to gently handle individual goods without bruising or causing other damage. The tongs are designed to meet the key requirements of food safety and ease of cleaning, quick and simple changes and low energy consumption.

Festo presents the VTEM Motion Terminal, the world’s first intelligent valve terminal. The VTEM offers the latest downloadable applications available, including energy saving. Since downloadable applications are modified for new functionality, not hardware, a single mobile device can replace up to 50 different hardware components. This gives OEMs, integrators and end users the ability to reduce inventory, standardize on fewer components and get systems to market faster.

Festo offers its CPX-AP-I decentralized I/Os based on Ethernet. OEMs, integrators and end users can network up to 500 I/O modules on a single bus node and combine electrical and pneumatic components on the same I/O network for greater flexibility and the ability to develop unique solutions. A free online configuration tool speeds up design while plug-and-play performance reduces wiring and shortens installation time. CPX-AP-I is compatible with major communication protocols including Ethernet/IP, PROFINET and EtherCAT, supporting Festo’s focus on seamless connectivity.




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