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Xu H, Mao L, Liu H, Zhang Y, Yang J. Int J Gen Med. 2021;14:885–893.

The authors would like to point out errors with Figures 2 and 3 on page 891. The image for Figure 3 belongs to the caption for Figure 2 and the image for Figure 2 belongs to the caption for Figure 3. Figures and correct legends are shown below.

Figure 2 The association between the three-dimensional global longitudinal stress of the left ventricle (3D LV GLS) and the three-dimensional longitudinal stress of the free wall of the right ventricle (3D RV FWLS).

picture 3 Receiver operating curves of variations in three-dimensional longitudinal free wall stress of the right ventricle (3D RV FWLS) for predicting chemotherapy-related subclinical cardiac dysfunction (CTRCD), with areas under the curve (AUC) of 0, 74, the optimal threshold values ​​being -17.5% with a sensitivity of 80.5% and a specificity of 65.8%.

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