Eagle-eyed RTE viewers spot the Glenroe actor in Fair City – and he looks unrecognizable


RTE viewers spotted a Glenroe actor in Fair City tonight and he looked unrecognizable.

Actor Liam Carney showed up at the Carrigstown yard as Con Rafferty – father of James Rafferty.


Glenroe cast, left to right: Isobel Mahon as Michelle, Geraldine Plunkett as Mary, Mick Lally as Miley, Mary McEvoy as Biddy, Susan Slott as Shirley, Gerry Sullivan as Mick and OZ Whitehead as Mr Hackenthal. Back row, left to right: Robert Carrickford as Stephen Brennan, Liam Carney as Kevin, Joe Lynch as Dinny, Donall Farmer as Fr Devereaux and Alan Stanford as GeorgeCredit: RTE
Eagle-eyed viewers recognized Glenroe's Liam Carney


Eagle-eyed viewers recognized Glenroe’s Liam Carney

While Con was hospitalized after an accident on location, and former sugar daddy James took shortcuts and changed development plans while his dad recovered.

However, Liam, who played Kevin Haughey, was spotted by eagle-eyed viewers.

One person wrote: “Was he good or bad at Glenroe #FairCity.”

Ciara added: “Wasn’t Mr. Rafferty at Glenroe #FairCity.”

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Con Rafferty surveyed the site from afar. Rafferty understood the way Cian worked on location.

Cian encouraged James to cut more corners at the development site.

James was shocked to see his father there. Rafferty confronted James about all the changes on the spot.

James blamed Damien for all the problems with the site.

Rafferty and James clashed over changes to development plans.

Damien handed over the project files to Rafferty.


Meanwhile, Sharon supported Anto’s decision not to go to rehab.

Anto struggles with a gambling addiction that has led him to rob his wife, McCoy’s and more recently Tommy.

The postman has accumulated a huge debt of €25,000, but after receiving a bad beating, he wants to change his life.

Hayley learns that Jon and Melanie are back together.

Anto confessed to Tommy that he stole his watch.


Tommy presented Anto with a tough choice: get better or lose it all.

Hayley tried to change Sharon’s mind about Anto’s refusal to go to rehab. Anto has gone to rehab.

Meanwhile, Mondo brutally berates Alex for not telling him about Jon sooner.

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Mondo was devastated when Melanie ended their relationship because she had gotten back together with her ex Jon.

Alex bore the brunt of Mondo’s anger. Alex has moved.

James was furious to find his father


James was furious to find his father

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