DOST-FNRI Develops Optimization Software to Ensure “Nutritionally Adequate” Diets for Filipinos – Manila Bulletin


The Food and Nutrition Research Institute’s Department of Science and Technology (DOST-FNRI) plans to develop mathematical optimization software to ensure low-cost and nutritionally adequate diets for Filipinos.

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DOST Secretary Fortunato “Boy” T. de la Peña said a study is being conducted by DOST-FNRI to develop software to provide a nutritious food mix for Filipinos.

The DOST-FNRI study is titled “Optimizing Low-Cost, Nutritionally Adequate Diets for Filipinos Using an Online Analysis Tool”.

“One of its specific objectives is to develop mathematical optimization software to calculate the quantities of locally available food that must be consumed by an individual or a family that would respect the recommended energy and nutritional intakes (RENI) at the lowest cost. “La Peña said in her weekly report on Friday, November 5th.

“Linear programming optimizes a certain objective function given certain restrictions or constraints to achieve the objective. “

The FNRI is the main government agency for food and nutrition research in the country.

De la Peña noted that DOST-FNRI organized a three-part webinar series anchored on the theme “Power Optimization Using Linear Programming with Applications in Low and Middle Income Countries (PRFI ) ”.

“This webinar series aimed to build the capacity of project staff on power optimization through a linear programming approach as well as increase awareness among potential end users of the importance of this mathematical modeling technique. in the formulation of a healthy diet; planning, monitoring and evaluation of nutrition policies and programs; and transform food systems.

DOST-FNRI registered a total of 1,695 registrants for the webinar series.




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