Dornoch ‘horror’ apartment building project welcomed by community council – though reservations expressed


A PLAN to build 10 apartments on a plot of land in Dornoch described as ‘a horror’ has been hailed in principle by community councilors.

However, members of the Dornoch area community council have expressed a number of reservations about the development, intended to go to an overgrown and unsightly area next to Bishopfield Play Park.

The area of ​​land identified for the apartments is adjacent to the Bishopfield Playground.

And it was agreed at their December meeting that an objection should be filed with the Highland Council to the apartment plan in the hope that their concerns would be addressed.

Drumnadrochit-based Highland Alba Joinery Ltd is seeking planning permission to erect five blocks of two two-bedroom apartments with 15 parking spaces in an area of ​​2,095 square meters northwest of Stafford Court.

But community councilors fear it will mean a “loss of amenity” for occupants of two houses on Stafford Road, opposite the proposed new entrance to the development. Residents could no longer park their cars in the street in front of their homes.

The lack of a transportation plan for the construction and the fact that no electric car charging points were included in the design are also of concern.

The community council is also asking for clarification on the number – if any – of affordable housing units that would be created in the new program.

Referring to the loss of parking for residents of Stafford Road, Community Council Chairman Patrick Murray said at last month’s meeting: We must consider.

Community Councilor Genevieve Duhigg felt that the number of parking spaces provided was too low and it was highly likely that each apartment would require two parking spaces.

But she added, “We’re very supportive of the idea of ​​developing this site because it’s an eyesore and it’s been vacant for a long time, but it’s about finding the right balance. “

Treasurer Jerry Bishop said: “I am concerned that no consideration has been given to the two houses across the street. It is adding more and more traffic to the Stafford Road area without mitigation. There must be a limit at any given time to the number of properties that pass through without improving the road infrastructure.

He added: “Opposing the plans is not an objection to development. We oppose the design and ask that these things be taken into account. “

It was suggested that Highland Councilors should visit the site before deciding on the request.

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