Dihuni Announces NVIDIA GPU Parallelization and Optimization Services for Servers and Embedded Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and HPC Performance


Advanced Parallel Computing Services for Multi-Core NVIDIA GPU Architecture

MCLEAN, Va., August 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dihuni, a leading artificial intelligence (AI), data center and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company, today announced advanced engineering services to help customers extract maximum performance from NVIDIA® GPU-based AI, deep learning, machine learning, and HPC infrastructure.

“Dihuni has led the GPU server, workstation and software space – and now we’re excited to expand our offerings to include NVIDIA GPU performance optimization services,” said Pranay Prakash, CEO of Dihuni. “Our customers develop new applications or run existing applications on GPU infrastructure. However, to get the most out of these systems, GPU parallelization is required. As an outsourced service, our engineers help reduce cost and complexity related to code analysis, identifying hotspots, refactoring and parallelizing code so customers can focus on their business use cases.”

Dihuni’s NVIDIA GPU optimization services include an assessment phase where its engineers work with customers to understand data patterns and application algorithms, identify hot spots, and determine if performance optimization GPU is workable. In the development phase, Dihuni engineers work on the design, development and testing of the GPU core (CUDA® or OpenCL/OpenACC/OpenMP offload). Finally, after rigorous code tuning, Dihuni will functionally validate the new parallelized code against the original legacy code and determine the performance gains. As part of an annual subscription, customers can also benefit from periodic performance enhancements as NVIDIA releases new products. Dihuni also provides training on parallel programming for customers who want to increase their in-house expertise.

Free one-hour promotional GPU performance consulting

For a limited time, Dihuni will offer all of its Dihuni CognitX OptiReady GPU Server Clients. This option can be specified at the time of server purchase and is available today. This service will add to a wide range of software options available today with CognitX OptiReady systems, such as preloading AI packages including TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, MXNet, NVIDIA TensorRT™, NVIDIA RAPIDS™, etc

Dihuni’s GPU Performance Optimization Services are available with NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU (coming soon), NVIDIA NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, NVIDIA A40 GPUs, NVIDIA A30 Tensor Core GPUs, NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core GPUs, NVIDIA A16 Tensor Core GPUs, and NVIDIA RTX™ A6000, NVIDIA RTX A5000, and NVIDIA RTX A4000 GPUs. These GPUs are available with the OptiReady CognitX server portfolio that scales from extreme performance single-processor, single-GPU workstations to dual-processor and eight NVLink® SXM4 GPU servers based on the NVIDIA HGX™ platform.

To learn more about Dihuni’s GPU performance optimization services and to sign up for a free one-hour consultation, please visit https://www.dihuni.com/artificial-intelligence-ai-high-performance-computing-hpc-solutions/gpu-parallelization-and-optimization-services/.

To learn more about Dihuni’s global AI and HPC solutions, visit https://www.dihuni.com/artificial-intelligence-ai-high-performance-computing-hpc-solutions/.

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Dihuni is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions including Deep Learning (DL), Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Center and Internet of Things (IoT). With its e-commerce platform, OptiReady products, software development, staff augmentation, solution design and delivery expertise, and access to over 500,000 products from hundreds of partners, Dihuni helps its customers achieve the desired digital results by ensuring they have the right hardware, software and services to achieve it. Visit Dihuni at https://www.dihuni.com

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