Developing telecoms: green ICTs to improve energy efficiency and create value


LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Developing Telecoms reported the perspective of Ryan Ding, President of Carrier BG, Huawei, who gave a presentation titled “Green ICT for New Value” at Huawei’s Win-Win Innovation Week.

Ding asserted that we are now at a critical juncture where we need to increase power efficiency, so that we can transmit more information without causing a huge increase in power consumption.

To reduce the carbon footprint of ICT infrastructure, our top priority must be to increase energy efficiency. Operators must reduce their total carbon emissions, their absolute energy consumption and increase their use of “green” electricity.

Ding described Huawei’s three-layer solution to help operators improve network energy efficiency, focusing on green sites, green networks and green operations. At the operations level, Huawei offers a solution that generates and distributes optimization policies while making energy efficiency more viewable and manageable.

Operators will greatly benefit from energy efficiency improvements within their own infrastructure. It is believed that the use of ICT technology can enable other industries to reduce their carbon emissions by 20%. Additionally, ICT solutions can enable emission reductions in other industries that are 10 times greater than the ICT industry’s own emissions – an industry-proposed concept that Huawei calls a “carbon footprint.” .

Huawei and its carrier partners are working together to enable other industries to reduce their carbon footprint using industry-specific solutions. Many success stories have been seen in industries such as ports, coal mining and steel.

Ding concluded by calling on the entire industry to pay more attention to energy efficiency. He noted that the establishment of an industry-wide system of indicators would help establish baselines against which to measure energy efficiency and serve as a guide for the green development of the ICT industry. in general.

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