Develop your programming skills while having fun mastering Raspberry Pi and Arduino


There is no reason why you can’t have fun while learning skills that could lead to an exciting new career in the tech industry, and that is exactly what this set of courses offers your. rhythm.

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Have you wanted to try Raspberry Pi or Arduino but were intimidated by the learning curve, or did you actually try to get started but got stuck? Then The Complete Raspberry Pi and Arduino 2022 Developer Pack has everything you need, and it’s on sale now for just $ 39.99.

“Raspberry Pi for Beginners: Complete Course” and “Arduino for Beginners: Complete Course” are hands-on lessons that will get you started from scratch. The students liked both, giving them a rating of 4.7 out of five stars. Then you can go ahead with “Arduino OOP (Object Oriented Programming)”.

However, follow-up courses mostly require you to know at least a little coding. But this bundle also provides coding lessons that can launch you into a whole new career in technology, as well as give you the basics to continue with Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

For example, you will learn the most popular and easiest-to-learn programming language in “Python Practice: Learn Python 3 Basics Step by Step”. Python programmers are paid very well and these skills are ideal for freelance work. If you have dreamed of being your own boss, these skills and a great website will help you achieve it.

Even “Practical C ++: Learn C ++ Basics Step by Step” stays away from complicated theories and simply teaches you how to write clear C ++ code from the start. The “Hands-On Linux Command Line: The Basics You Really Need” course will give you a solid foundation in just a few hours, and is used in everything tech-related: system administration, web and software development, robotics, learning. automation, data science, etc. .

Once you have reached the intermediate level, “Raspberry Pi & Arduino: The Next Level” will take you to advanced skills. And if you are interested in robotics, then you definitely want to delve into “ROS2 for beginners” and “Learn ROS2 as an ROS1 developer and migrate your ROS projects” to learn how to create powerful robotics applications.

These classes are taught by Edouard Renard, an entrepreneur and software engineer who helped found a robotics startup that used Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ROS, and Ubuntu to build an entire robotic arm from scratch. He creates his courses to save you time and help you progress faster.

Don’t miss this chance to quickly learn to code while mastering Raspberry Pi and Arduino, get the full Raspberry Pi and Arduino 2022 development pack today when it costs just $ 39.99 (normally $ 1,800).

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