Default wind farm access road builder, lists inaccurate addresses on website


An Inuvik homeowner wonders why his home is listed as the Inuvik office of the company chosen by the Northwest Territories Power Corporation to build the access road to the future Inuvik wind farm .

Brandon Johnston lived at 7 Carmichael Dr. for several years, but said this was the first he had heard of ONEC Nations Ltd. until he was asked why the company listed his house as its Inuvik office.

“I own 7 Carmichael Dr. East,” Johnston said. “And I have no idea who ONEC Nations Ltd is.

“I have no involvement with them and am curious why my address is there.”

A screenshot of the ONEC Nations Ltd website. to May 12, showing two NWT contact addresses. The people at both addresses confirmed that ONEC Nations Ltd. didn’t do business in either place. Screenshot courtesy of ONEC Nations Ltd.

This is not the only inaccurate NWT address on the ONEC Nations Ltd website. as of May 12 – which indicates the site is written through 2022. A second address is listed for the company’s Yellowknife office at 5016-47th Street. However, when a reporter visited the building to confirm the address, there was no listing of the business on the building’s registry – only the NWT Literacy Council, which owns the building, and Primerica Insurance Agency.

Primerica Yellowknife employee Jennifer Andrews confirmed that ONEC does not have an office in the building.

“There’s us, and there’s a psychologist and then the literacy council,” she said.

NTPC communications manager Doug Prendergast said ONEC was the only company to bid out of four companies invited to do so.

He said the company had “over 20 years of engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance experience”.

The website of the ONEC group of companies describes itself in the same way. The company lists ONEC Nations Ltd. as the division responsible for managing Aboriginal partnerships.

ONEC’s main office is located in Edmonton, Alberta. It also has offices in Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Oregon and California.

“NT Energy’s review of the submitted bid revealed that the ONEC/Northland Builders consortium had extensive experience working on projects in the North and was qualified to build the access road,” he said. added.

The front door of 5016 47 St, Yellowknife. A Primerica representative confirmed that ONEC Nations Ltd. did not have an office in the building. Ethan Butterfield/NNSL Photo

A business search of ONEC Nations Ltd. lists the company in default. The company was previously called ONEC Adams, but changed its name on August 27, 2021. Northland Builders Ltd. and ONEC Nations Ltd. appoint Rob Adams as Director, President and Chief Executive Officer. The company officially incorporated in the Northwest Territories in 2017, while Northland Builders Ltd. was incorporated in 2020.

Inuvik Drum has contacted Adams, NTPC and the GTC for further comment.

Directed Tender Approved by Cabinet

An internal GNWT email obtained by Inuvik Drum reveals that the cabinet voted to give the green light to the Gwich’in Tribal Council for a “directed tender” process, meaning the GTC was authorized to select specific companies for the Northwest Territories Energy Corporation (NTEC) to invite to bid on the project instead of an open tender.

“As you know, there have been many challenges obtaining the necessary permits and support from the Gwich’in Land and Water Board and the Nih’tat Council,” said Infrastructure Minister Diane Archie in the email. “In November of last year, myself and officials from Infrastructure and the Northwest Territories Power Corporation met with the GTC and Nih’tat executives to try to move this project forward so as not to jeopardize funding. of the federal government. We agreed to work together and I left it to the heads of Infrastructure and NTPC to work out the details with the GTC and the Nih’tat.

“The resulting procurement approach for the Inuvik Wind Project by directed tender was approved by Cabinet in March 2021.”

An email from Infrastructure Minister Diane Archie obtained by the Inuvik Drum states cabinet voted to allow a directed bidding process in March 2021.

The GTC and NTEC both confirmed that a shortlist of four companies had been submitted to be invited to bid.

“NT Energy recognizes the importance of maximizing local benefits and the importance of supporting reconciliation with economic opportunity,” Prendergast said. “NT Energy relied on the Gwich’in Tribal Council (GTC) to identify Indigenous-owned businesses to be included as part of the Invitational Request for Proposals (RFP). To ensure that Aboriginal-owned businesses benefit from the Inuvik Wind Project, NT Energy determined that an invitational RFP was appropriate for the access road construction contract. The JWG and the Ministry of Infrastructure supported this approach. With four companies approached in the RFP by invitation, it was expected that several bids would be received from local contractors. However, only one offer was received. This bid was submitted by one of four qualified Gwich’in businesses and included plans to complete the project with the support of other local Gwich’in businesses, including some of the other businesses that had been invited to participate in the DP by invitation.

“The winning bid was submitted by ONEC/Northland Builders, who lead the consortium of Gwich’in businesses.

JWG Grand Chief Ken Kyikavichik said the consortium of companies is made up of Bob’s Welding Ltd., Nanzu Environmental, Nehtr’uh EBA Consulting and Deetrin Geomatics.

He noted that the JWG had been asked by the NTEC to provide the shortlist of companies, but noted that the JWG was eager to ensure that projects in the Gwich’in Settlement Area are awarded to companies. gwich’in.

“GTC expects this preferential contract to occur for any work in the GSA,” he said. “In accordance with Chapter 10 of the Gwich’in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement (GCCLA), the governments of Canada and the Northwest Territories are committed to working with the Gwich’in Tribal Council to develop our economy. and maximizing opportunities for Gwich’in businesses and individuals. for any work undertaken in the GSA.

“To that end, the CTG is currently seeking to enter into an updated agreement with the GNWT to actively promote, recommend and select registered Gwich’in-owned businesses with the ability to work within the GSA under a preferential contracting and procurement model. »


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