DeepIntent Outcomes reaches 65% of campaign impressions


DeepIntent, the leading healthcare advertising technology company designed to improve patient health and business outcomes, announced the significant adoption of its patented and award-winning ad campaign measurement and optimization technology, DeepIntent Outcomes ™. Since its launch in April 2021, DeepIntent Outcomes has been used to automatically optimize media based on real clinical data for 85 leading pharmaceutical brands, with over 50 brands benefiting from DeepIntent Outcomes since the start of the year.

To prove business impact, IPG’s enablement intelligence company Matterkind turned to DeepIntent Outcomes to maximize a client’s addressable media investment, measured by script volume and new scripts. for the brand (NBRx). As the go-to agency for the company’s providers and patients, Matterkind used script optimization and a mix of connected television (CTV), online video and display ads to reach audiences.

Using Outcomes to automatically optimize the campaign, Matterkind saw healthcare provider prescribing rates increase by 10% after exposure to the campaign, and patients were 225% more likely to track their prescriptions . Ultimately, the campaign increased NBRx 12x while reducing cost per script by 60%. Additionally, channel analysis revealed that CTV ads were twice as effective as other channels at improving script performance.


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