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VideoAmp launches second-by-second ad measurement

October 7, 2022

In the US, ad measurement and optimization platform VideoAmp has launched a solution called “Second-by-Second Ads Viewership”, offering up-to-date results with inputs from both Smart TV viewing data ACR and STB in over 39 million homes.

VideoAmp’s platform automates advertising workflows, de-duplicates audiences across traditional TV, streaming video, digital media and walled gardens, and links media exposures to an advertiser’s sales. The new solution is an enhancement to the company’s ad measurement solution and allows TV publishers and advertisers to use its blended data set to better gauge advertiser performance and compare it to program averages.

The company claims that other currency providers in the market use average commercial viewing, which gives all advertisements in a program the same rating. In contrast, its second-by-second measurement of each ad within a program or event shows how advertiser reach is built throughout a program, allowing advertisers to gauge the performance of their specific commercial spots.

“Having a true audience breakdown every second of a program is a game-changer,” says CTO Tony Fagan (pictured). “Being able to tell a unique story for each advertiser over the course of a program and utilize the granular information that has often been lost or overlooked is a big step forward.”

Website: www.videoamp.com .

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