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Launch of predictive ad analytics company datafuelX

March 4, 2022

In New York, a trio of longtime media industry executives launched a company called datafuelX, which uses predictive analytics solutions to predict and optimize audiences and advertising results.

The new venture is led by company chairman Jay Amato, who is the former chief executive of OpenAP; chief strategy officer Howard Shimmel, who was formerly director of research at Turner Broadcasting; and Director of Product and Partnership Success, Spencer Lambert, formerly of Horizon Media; as well as a data science and engineering team with many years of experience in the media industry. Michael Strober, founder and chairman of Topwater Advisory Group, and Dan Aversano, SVP, Data, Analytics and Advanced Advertising for Univision Communications, along with Howard Shimmel, are directors.

The company’s first two predictive analytics solutions were developed to help media, agencies and brands extract greater value from their media spend and combine linear reach and digital targeting through advanced analytics. The first is PrecisionX, which models individual viewing characteristics and integrates real-time ad exposure data, then dynamically exports consumer ID files grouped by exposure levels for further targeting. The second tool, resultX, is a predictive analytics model for providing metrics of consumer behavior – from measurement and attribution to forecasting and optimization.

Amato comments, “When it comes to applying data for buying and selling, the industry is largely stuck in a ‘what happened’ and ‘why’ mode. This approach leads to a strategy that assumes that the past is an accurate predictor of the future. datafuelX’s vision is to use predictive and prescriptive analytics that take into account future trends and variables. We now have enough measurement data, datafuelX will provide the necessary analyzes to solve this increasing complexity”.

Website: www.datafuelx.com .

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