Creabl Launches New Product Search Help Center Feature


Creabl Launches New Product Search Help Center Feature

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Creabl Introduces New Help Center Feature on Product Hunt

Work is still in progress. We will launch an Outbound feature in early 2023 and then chat in Q3 2023.”

— foresees the CEO

WARSAW, POLAND, November 15, 2022 / — Creabl introduces a new Help Center feature on Product Hunt. It’s been a while since they first appeared on Product Hunt, but the technology has already evolved and gained popularity among website optimization software and continues to grow adding the most sought-after features for their users.

This time, Simple and Affordable User Behavior Analytics adds a Help Center to its suite of modules that lets you build a powerful knowledge base with articles about your product right on your subdomain.

“In offering product analytics tools to our customers, we’ve noticed that their customer success managers spend a lot of time explaining how this or that works. There are solutions on the market that allow you to build a knowledge base, but why go for the extra tool when your favorite analytics tool might give you the same functionality? So we created our own solution that allows you to create your help center without code, in just a few clicks.’ – admits Dima Venglinski, founder and CEO of Creabl

So, with the new feature, Creabl users have the opportunity to create a powerful knowledge base on their subdomain in no time.

Some of the platform’s key features include heatmaps, behavior recording tools with scope analytics, session recording, and funnel building options. The user can also track clicks, apply cohorts to divide users into groups, create sales funnels based on data retrieved on the fly, and check product engagement through retention reports, etc.

“The work is still in progress. We will launch an Outbound feature in early 2023, then chat in Q3 2023.” – plans the CEO

Creabl technology is originally designed for unlimited team members and unlimited usage sessions with unlimited value.

Today, it also provides access to deeper web analytics and solid insights into which parts of the website attract the most visitors to refine essential UX design elements, create effective sales funnels, improve journeys customers and build a strong knowledge base for better business results through their Creabl Help Center feature.

Disturbed as a new behavior recording tool, Creabl was designed to enhance any digital product. Now it is already recognized and trusted by many companies around the world who are the leaders in their industries.

About Creab:
Creabl is an optimization tool that explores on-site customer behavior and improves user experience as an all-in-one conversion analytics and optimization software. It uses behavioral tracking to determine where users scroll and touch website pages, helping to analyze sales funnels and showing where users take targeted actions or leave the website. It simplifies dealing with complex or non-standard website optimization issues and can better help in creating beautiful, highly functional web pages that provide ultimate usability for clients and users of their business website.

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