Construction begins on new single-person accommodation at Imjin Barracks


Due to be completed in the summer of 2023, the £13 million project at Imjin Barracks, acquired by the Defense Infrastructure Organization (DIO) on behalf of the British Army, will provide 69 new single en-suite rooms, with redesigned living and kitchen/dining facilities that will enhance the community living experience for soldiers.

The Imjin project is the first of a new wave of zero-carbon construction that will bring major improvements to the level of single-unit accommodations (SLAs) provided to people in the service. The buildings are designed to improve and meet the needs of the military personnel who inhabit them.

Director of Base and Infrastructure, Major General Richard Clements CBE, was joined by Rob Vining of DIO and members of the project’s appointed contractor, REDS10, and technical services provider, Arcadis, to mark the start of the construction of a new block of individual housing (SLA). at Imjin Barracks, Gloucester.

Major General Richard Clements CBE, Director of Bases and Infrastructure, said:

Being present at the start of construction activity at Imjin Barracks is a moment worth celebrating. Imjin is the first site to benefit from the Army Singles Accommodation Scheme, which will invest £1.2bn and provide 8,500 SLA beds over the next 10 years. This is in addition to the 8,000 SLA beds provided by the Defense Estate Optimization program, Army. Investing in the accommodation and lived experience of our Service personnel is an immediate priority. We have listened to our soldiers and considered feedback to ensure a better experience for our people.

The SLA program will prioritize the modernization of underinvested core sites that need to be retained across the Army domain. It will focus on removing the last of the multiple occupancy rooms while continuing to renew the oldest unit on the estate, improving the average condition of a single unit from “fair” to “good”.

Rob Vining, DIO, Deputy Chief of Major Programs and Projects (Army) said:

I am extremely proud to be able to mark this milestone with the UK Army, REDS10 and our technical services provider, Arcadis, as we inaugurate the first of many new modern, zero-carbon single-family housing blocks.

Not only will the new blocks mean a massive improvement in the lived experience for our service personnel, they will also continue to demonstrate Defense’s commitment to net zero carbon by 2050.

I have been so impressed with the work my DIO colleagues and our industry partners have done so far and look forward to being here when we hand over to the military in the summer of 2023.

The block will be built by appointed contractor Reds10 using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). This means that 90% of the work can be done offsite for significantly faster delivery. The housing is designed to achieve very low energy consumption intensity. The building will have solar panels, air-source heat pumps for heating and hot water, and a SMART building management system that learns how the building is used through a wealth of sensor data, ensuring that the building operates as efficiently as possible.

Paul Ruddick, President of REDS10 added:

It’s wonderful to be part of another collaborative project with DIO and the British Army to improve the lived experience of our Armed Forces personnel. Imjin Barracks’ three-storey building will not only operate MMC for faster delivery, but also for a low-carbon, more energy-efficient and higher-quality product. Perhaps most importantly however, the design and construction is guided by how the space will be used by Service personnel.


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