Colne farmer plans to build house on static caravan site


A farm owner wants to demolish a mobile home and replace it with a three-bedroom house.

Mr R Platt submitted an application to Pendle Council in late September seeking permission to build a house on the site of an existing static caravan at Windacre Farm on Skipton Old in Road Colne.

Windacre Farm already has a detached house, an agricultural building, approximately 16 hectares of agricultural land to permanent pasture and a residential static home, all of which are owned by the applicant, with the land subject to a certificate of legal use existing or development.

But Mr Platt wants council to approve his plans to replace the legal static dwelling house with a permanently built one-and-a-half-storey three-bedroom house.

A planning statement submitted with the applications reads: “The applicant seeks to replace the unsightly building which, although lawful, does not fit into the local landscape with a well-designed, energy-efficient house, built at from materials more in keeping with the local architecture and character of the region.

“The replacement residential unit would not be substantially larger than the existing residential unit it would replace.

“The existing legal residential unit is an eyesore in the landscape and the applicant will remove that eyesore, which would result in a material enhancement and enhancement of the landscape. This is considered a planning gain and a material factor.

“The proposed development does not require new or changed access. It does not require the creation or modification of a parking lot or a garden space. These already exist and would be retained.

Anyone wishing to comment on the application has until November 8 to do so.

Following this, the council will decide whether or not to grant permission for the plans.


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