Co-creating knowledge and transformative action – Issue 201, September 2022 – World




This issue of is titled ‘Co-Creating Knowledge and Transformative Action’ and highlights the links between knowledge co-creation, societal transformations and sustainability. In the field of climate change adaptation and sustainability, knowledge co-creation involves the use of complementary knowledge systems that support transformative pathways.

When faced with complex and intractable policy problems, co-created policy solutions that are bottom-up are more likely to generate usable actions and outcomes (Coggan et al.). Therefore, the co-creation of knowledge in the fields of climate change, environment and development policy is essential to achieve sustainable results. This issue of is an attempt to understand how co-creation approaches to knowledge building can be harnessed to pursue pathways towards positive societal transformation.

AIDMI presents a number of examples of knowledge co-creation and transformative action in this issue. From capturing the voices of all cross-border Sundarbans stakeholders to exploring the role of non-state actors in mitigating disaster loss and damage, co-creating knowledge and transformative actions can help solve complex social problems.


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