CLStv Corp. implements significant programming and direction changes


ATLANTE, February 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CLStv Corp. (OTC: WTKN) is pleased to announce changes in the structure and organization of the company. These changes have been ongoing since 2020.

“The past eleven months have seen tremendous progress in the growth of our business,” Daryl Sanders, CEO of CLStv Corp. said recently. “We have made significant additions to our leadership staff as well as upgrades to the type and amount of content we provide. We believe these changes, both in leadership and programming, are just two areas that differentiate us from our competitors.”

Other achievements of the company include the development of the CLStv streaming platform which includes Roku, Apple iOS mobile, Amazon FireTV, Android mobile, Apple TV, Android TV as well as a custom designed web application.

“We look forward to keeping our audience informed as we launch additional original programming and streaming shows,” Mr. Sanders continued. “We will also be making announcements in the coming weeks that will detail the company’s new leadership roles.”

CLStv Corp. is a provider of innovative multimedia programming and live streaming technology. The company’s model focuses on the transition from conventional “linear television” and the introduction of both curated premium content and increased viewer engagement. Technology development includes state-of-the-art mobile applications that provide unparalleled user experience.

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