Clearbit launches B2B targeting platform


Clearbit launches B2B targeting platform

February 22, 2022

In the United States, marketing intelligence provider Clearbit has launched a data enablement platform that combines its B2B data with real-time insights for audience targeting and funnel optimization.

Clearbit’s B2B data and enrichment features can be used to ‘unmask’ anonymous website visitors and monitor intent, while audience management tools allow teams to create business segments based on their ideal customer profile. The new platform enables teams to discover and define the ideal companies in their target market, using Clearbit’s database of over 44 million companies, each with over 100 detailed firmographic and technographic attributes. Marketers can then build target audiences, enrich their CRM and MAP systems, personalize their website and customer experience apps, and target advertising and awareness campaigns.

CEO Ross Moser (pictured) comments, “We’ve been fortunate enough to work with many of the world’s most innovative B2B growth teams, and they’ve taught us that it’s not just about having good data, it’s about enabling that data to improve your funnel from top to bottom. The ability to apply real-time intelligence to every step of the customer journey – and optimize experiences in real time – is driving Clearbit’s customer success.

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